Today is the International Day to Defend #Amina, aka Topless Jihad

Bad ass Tunisian feminist activist Amina Tyler posted a photo of her own topless body online with the message, “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour.” Islamists like cleric Adel Almi are calling for her death. She’s now apparently in hiding as Tunisian bigots debate exactly how she should be punished for her crime. You can support her by signing this petition, tweeting with the hashtag #Amina, or participating in a demonstration. More info including photos from ongoing rallies can be found over on Maryam Namazie’s excellent blog.

UPDATE on May 21, 2014: Google Adsense has informed me that this photo of Amina’s bare chest is considered “pornography.” So, I’ve removed it from the page and included this link, because unfortunately, Adsense is what we need to continue paying for the server.

UPDATE on Jan 19, 2016: Google Adsense finds Amina’s bare chest so offensive that we cannot even link to it. LOL/SOB

Rebecca Watson

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  1. There should be some organization to provide physical security to people like her. That would be a charity I could get behind.

    1. Yes because lots of white dudes with guns riding into the middle east on white horses intent on ‘saving’ these women is totally going to work and will not make things worse in any way….

      Yeah I have fantasies like that from time to time… Function of living in a culture that promotes “white knighting” as the ultimate awesome…
      Then I remember all the ways it would not only not work but actually make stuff worse if tried in the real world.

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