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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I want to take that “feminazi stole my icream” soundbit and turn it into a house remix.

    Also owner of a gamedev company here saying that we need more outreach in schools for programming for girls. I see why women aren’t often programmers, and it’s because of many things including societal tropes, misogyny in technical education & workplaces, and many glass walls & ceilings.

    Hard world, but we gotta keep on keepin on with encouraging girls into STEM! & Discouraging boys from being sexist about that.

    1. Outreach can be important but I’ve started studying culture around technology due to the fact that even if they like doing it in class when young girls move on from the moderately protective environment of a classroom they’re basically thrown right into a steaming cesspool of hate. Your comment addressed that very well. :) Until we help to reform the culture of technology to be less hateful every outreach attempt will ultimately fail to actually improve the numbers of women.

      I teach programming at the graduate and undergraduate levels and the one thing I try an make sure my students walk away from my classes with is that the activity is a fun form of problem solving and wordplay and the confidence that they can do it. I don’t care if they remember syntax or structure (although those are benefits) but the interest and passion can help to overcome the fear and off putting nature to a small degree.

  2. Definitely a better approach to piracy. The people that were going to try the pirated game to see if they liked it are going to get a little help being honest and the people that did buy it won’t be penalized.

    I’m pretty sure the nice people that made Anno 2070 did something similar. They did everything that SimCity tried to do, but they actually succeeded in adding value for their paying customers.

  3. Re: “But I’m a nice guy” Well yeah, some people have issues with the opposite gender and of course some of them are OF the opposite gender, because Holy Robin, Batman, much of life goes down two-way streets. Unless I’m missing something (and I guess I’ll be quickly informed, much more snarkily than I’m being myself, if ppl are sure I AM missing something) you’ve identified a group of social misfits who manage to stand out in a particular fashion, and decided to get all pernicious towards them, AS IF the world needed a little more perniciousness to fight the existing perniciousness! Most of self-described rationalist types are actually a little more worried about the misfits who DON’T think they’re very nice, coz, like, we’re RATIONALISTS, why aren’t YOU? They are the ones we’d really want out of the way. You know, rapists and wife-batterers?

    My point being, don’t make such fucking self-righteous fuss about it if you don’t like… some group of people that you’ve identified mainly on what IT doesn’t like.

    1. Am I understanding correctly?
      You don’t think we should talk about any kind of sexism or chauvinism or misogyny unless it rises to the level of criminality. Or some level where you, Tim, have decided that it’s harmful enough to be talked about. Even though it doesn’t affect you.
      That’s what I’m hearing.
      And that’s bullshit.

      1. No. You didn’t hear anything I said, instead you read what I wrote. Are we even on the same intellectual plane here?

        Maybe not. You’ve missed my point. Although I agree I might have been a little TOO pointed in the delivery of it.

        My point is that the video is what really has no point. It’s basically just an example of people who consider themselves to be “good social fits” bullying misfits and does NOTHING to help ANYONE. Disagree? If so, WHY?

        1. No, it’s not bullying, it’s not ‘good social fits’ vs. ‘misfits’. It’s addressing male entitlement and toxic masculinity. Which are the bailiwick of the mainstream.

          My point, now, is that you’re a supercilious, passive-aggressively insulting jackass.

        2. “You didn’t hear anything I said, instead you read what I wrote. ”

          What the fucking hell does this even mean? You didn’t “SAY” anything; you “WROTE” words down. With your fingers. You typed them. You wrote them. You didn’t say fucking jack shit. Yes, I’m being a pedantic asshole. What, you think you’re the only one that’s allowed to?

          WORDS HAVE MEANING, dontcha know? Don’t say you’re SAYING something when you’re REALLY writing. Are we on the same intellectual plane here?!

          No, but really, you don’t even make any sense. You just REALLY enjoy reading the words you WRITE, don’t you?

        3. Too pointed in the delivery? NOT POINTED ENOUGH!

          I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Who are the people who consider them selves good social fits? Who are the bullies?

          I think the bullies are the people who attempt to hog all the ice cream and then priv-whinge when someone else gets a small fraction of their fair share. I think the ‘people who consider themselves to be “good social fits”’ are the people who claim to be “nice guys” while behaving like selfish entitled gluttons and providing no evidence that they have ever done anything that deserves the adjective “nice.”

          Is that what you meant? If so, you expressed it very poorly.

          If not, you’re just another whining MRA making another baseless claim of victimhood.

        4. Tim, I think you might be right about you and Punchdrunk not being on the same intellectual plane. Sadly for you, I don’t think the imbalance is in your favor. In general, I have found Punchdrunk’s writing here at Skepchick to be cogent and insightful (even the parts with which I disagree). Yours, as demonstrated from the comments above, not so much.

        5. Yes indeed and I consider that an apology is in order for the slur against Punchdrunk – considering that she has made her points accurately, succinctly and with crystal clarity – in complete contrast to yours.

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