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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Here here on the YA literature. I was recently looking at buying my niece a bunch of the Tamora Pierce novels I loved when I was younger and was surprised to find this conversation in full swing in the reviews section on Amazon. This is my favorite:

    “Hi so my name’s Michaela and I’m 15. I read the first two books in 6th grade when I picked them up at my school library, and the other two shorty after at borders. I loved them, and I’m tired of reading all the reviews about the mothers who think these books are inappropriate for their daughters because they “do it”. Children have “the talk” in 5th grade. They know how babies are made. These book aren’t explicit at all and just sort of mention it in passing and in all honesty if I didn’t understand what was going on than it probably would have gone right over my head. My mother was not upset by me reading these books because she trusts my reading choices. I reread this series all the time and as I get older I find more to love about it. Please, don’t keep your daughters (or sons) from reading this amazing series because you’re worried about nothing.”

  2. Am I the only one amused by the Principal threatening to tell Wellesley about her “rabble-rousing” tendencies? That’s like telling catching Willie Nelson’s kid smoking pot and telling him “wait till your father finds out about this!”

    1. We don’t know what his policy on that would be. Hate to be a buzzkill, but the consensus among weed-using parents seems to be that they should abstain until they’re old enough to legally make their own decisions.
      (There. Now stay!)

  3. Aulenbacher needs to resign, that’s for sure. Did you see the “scientific misinformation” link where 75% of NY State residents support comprehensive sex education, but the State does not require sex education in public schools?

    Meanwhile 40% of teenagers are sexually active, but 30% of boys do not use condoms and 80% of girls do not use oral contraception.
    Then Stenzel comes along on behalf of the religious right telling lies to schoolkids about STI’s and abstinence only – with full approval from the hierarchy!

    If it’s this bad in NY, how bad is it in Kentucky and Tennessee? Fuck, America, you need to get out of the 50’s and into the 21st century.

    1. I love it how they like to say that abstinence is 100% effective even though the futility of abstinence is taken as a given in their religion.

      It’s not very effective at all, by the way. It took literally 2 and a half minutes of very effective flirting for me. I strongly recommend practicing abstinence with a condom. Maybe add an alert in Google Calendar to replace it yearly.

      1. Exactly. Same as it ever was.
        What gets me is, 75% support is practically a mandate, all it would take is some politicians showing some spine for once.
        I don’t even think money is the problem. We have the technology!

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