Joe Rogan Didn’t Say That

Just a brief bit of meme-busting – I’ve been seeing this image making the rounds on social networks:

Joe Rogan didn't say this

I’ve been a fan of stand-up for a long time, and so I knew immediately that Joe Rogan didn’t say that. Greg Giraldo said it:

To help people who still like the joke, I’ve put the actual quote on a photo of Giraldo. You’re welcome.

Greg Giraldo Homeless Quote

This one homeless guy came up to me the other day, and he was asking me for money. I was about to give it to him, and then I thought, ‘He’s just gonna use it on drugs or alcohol.’ And then I thought, ‘That’s what I’m gonna use it on. Who am I to judge the guy, really?’

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not Joe Rogan would have had the insight necessary to satirize wealthy Americans’ condescending attitudes toward people in unfortunate circumstances, but just to be fair, here are a few things Joe Rogan has said, in case you really want to make a Joe Rogan meme:

(Curiously, “gender traitor” is a phrase Men’s Rights Advocates accuse me of using, and suggest that it’s the worst thing a woman could call another woman, though I’ve never said or written it in my life.)

If you need a good photo of Rogan to use for those quotes, maybe grab this one from Brandon Stroud, who writes:

With that in mind, here’s Joe Rogan’s face during Dana White’s TUF announcement. Watch it closely and see if you can figure out what he’s thinking. Spoiler: he’s thinking, “this is a great idea and women are people.”


Joe Rogan Dog Shit

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Giraldo was a genius. He died too soon.

    This Rogan guy, when he does die, no one will say that about him.

  2. Jesus, Rebecca. You’re going to hold poor Joe responsible for shit he said LAST WEEK? Women can’t let anything go. Periods, am I right?

    (Oh and you’re probably so totes jealous Joe likes me more because I have kids.)

  3. I’ve never been a fan of JR, yet I listened his podcast a few times (he got people like ND Tyson, CS Maria, S Harris, etc and it was very enjoyable listening to it). I’m not a fan of calling out people, yet I do to ideologies. I guess you didn’t hear that show when he was with Bill Burr talking about men hitting women..
    Anyway I think some people in the comedy business are going to find a market to making fun of feminism and all the other satelites ideologies (marxism, leftism, post modernism… and the list goes on). It’s the ugly part of freedom of expression, you’re going to find out nasty things that you won’t like :s

    1. ” I guess you didn’t hear that show when he was with Bill Burr talking about men hitting women..”

      So he doesn’t like to hit women? Oh boy. Yeah. I’m sure that wasn’t sexist AT ALL.

      Puh-lease. Usually “don’t hit women” is really just code for “I think women are weak and submissive. Don’t hit weak and submissive things.” Notice I said things, not people.

      Shouldn’t he not like hitting PEOPLE?

      1. Fine, one more thing I remembered from all the semi-ignorant vitriol by Marilove (& I love me some Izzard! Dammit! ;o) —Rogan is NOT a “9/11 truther”. First off, you can’t say the guy defines status quo, & then say he’s a Truther. That said, again, his ethos on the pod is “question everything”—so he’s explored the 9/11 truther stuff, but he’s gone on record as being a bit of a skeptic about that whole ball of wax, because one of his close friends (who’s been on the podcast a few times) Eddie Bravo is a raving truther, & Rogan pretty much debates & explores/tears it down (no pun) with Bravo from all angles. One of the reason I like him & the podcast is BECAUSE of this intellectual honesty to 1)get to the heart of why things happen, & why people do the things they do, & 2)never accept things simply the way they seem or are sold. To paint this guy with the brushstrokes you did made me cringe, because all these shallow analyses from Mari seemed to be based on watching a little bit of his comedy, a few tweets, & interpreting a diatribe on former men fighting women as somehow being anti-transgender in general.

  4. Is there a definition of “periods” that correlates with “not letting things go”? Aren’t periods pretty much about letting things go and ending things?

    And what’s with quoting Rogan out of context, I’m sure there’s one where that statment makes sense. I’m sure what he meant in full was:

    Now women who don’t like children, I view them as, and I’m going to use a shocking comparison here for comic effect, I view them the same way I view dogs that eat their own shit. Now don’t let the taboo on human coprophagia bias you here, what I’m really saying is that, although I personally find it odd when women don’t like children, it’s completely natural, just as I find dogs eating shit a bit nauseating despite it being completely natural. And, they’re all bitches anyway, am I rite?!

    Um … no, that wasn’t better at all. I vote it’s pitchforks and torches-time.

    1. Trying to understand if this was clever snark, or you’re actually saying Rogan thinks all women are just bitches…*&*, it’s time to form a mob & obey its genrally heinous mentality. Oh, wait, now words aren’t always literal?

  5. Joe Rogan has deep-seated feelings of inadequacy; those feelings are accurate – that is one inadequate human being.

  6. Now hold on a quick minute, people. Joe Rogan is actually pretty damn funny. Most importantly, these are jokes and should be treated as such. Seeing people get all butt-hurt over jokes is petty at best. It’s like when Bill Maher quips about religion and the religious people get angry – you’re doing the same exact thing. So, what I’m saying is we ought not go into ad hominem mode and attack Joe Rogan the person. The higher road is to attack the ideas instead.

    1. Ah, yes, the usual, “It’s just a joke! Stop being humorless feminists! Gollllllly, why can’t you take a joke?

      Do you know what kind of comedy I find funny? The kind of comedy that pokes fun of the status quo. NOT the type that supports the status quo. I enjoy comedy that “punches down or sideways and not downwards” as the saying goes. I enjoy subservive humor. If this is a new word for you, I suggest

      Joe Rogen is not subversive. In anyway. He IS the status quo. In every way.

      He is not funny. He is lazy and self-centered and unable to consider what it might be like to, well, not live in Joe Rogen’s world. That makes for some shitty comedy.

      So, what I’m saying is we ought not go into ad hominem mode and attack Joe Rogan the person. The higher road is to attack the ideas instead.

      Oh, so it’s perfectly okay for him to punch down and attack women, but we can’t attack him for being a shitty human being and, even more so, a REALLY terrible comic?

      Look, dude. This guy stinks. You need to adjust your humor meter because holy shit, this guy sucks.

      If you need a real example of someone who can really tackle subjects about race and class and ACTUALLY be funny? Check out the guy who actually said the hilarious line highlighted above. Check out Louis CK! There is a “white guy” who even made me laugh about rape a few times.

      This guy is not funny. This guy is shit.

      How about his rant about trans people in the MMA? It was DISGUSTING.

      “She calls herself a woman but… I tend to disagree. And, uh, she, um… she used to be a man but now she has had, she’s a transgender which is (the) official term that means you’ve gone through it, right? And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no fucking way. I say if you had a dick at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a dick. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints. You’re a fucking man. That’s a man, OK? You can’t have… that’s… I don’t care if you don’t have a dick any more…”

      That’s not comedy. That’s bigotry and hate.

      And oh boo ooh! We aren’t nice to the rich white guy who is spewing hate about women and trans people! HOW TERRIBLE! WAAAAH!

      Sorry, dude, but there is no way this guy is funny. You have TERRIBLE taste.

      And I think the movie Crank was some excellent work of cinematic genius. I normally have no room to talk. But, honey child. No.

      1. Reasonable people can dispute that a biological male should be able to fight in the MMA as a woman, without even informing his opponents, and against the rules. I heard Rogan’s peak of this on his podcast. Adjusting for podcast vulgarity, he wasn’t being transphobic. He stated over and over that he supports Fox’sright to live as a woman and be transgender. This is a skeptical space: I am skeptical that I am to swallow whole that having reservations about transwomen competing in sports against women is transphobic. It’s dogmatic to say that it is and unfair.

        1. Are you fucking kidding me? That was some transphobic and disgusting shit I just posted.

          Adjusting for podcast vulgarity,

          DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO? I don’t give a shit if he is vulgar. It has nothing to do with “vulgarity”. This is just yet another way to tell me to “get a sense of humor”.

          I am talking about the context and content of his words. Which are highly problematic and very transphobic. Joe Rogen is NOT a doctor NOR is he a scientist and he is NOT educated on the issues of transpeople. AT ALL. Yet he is speaking as if he is coming from a place of authority. And you’re buying it! Hook line and sinker!

          Did you even read the link I provided? Because it’s clear that Rorgen has no real idea what he’s talking about. He’s just spewing bullshit opinions because he finds transpeople icky. His need to repeat “but she used to have a dick at one point!” over and over and over again like it proves anything is pretty fucking telling.

          He doesn’t know shit about this subject. Why the hell are you pretending he does?

          He clearly doesn’t even know that bone structure DOES INDEED change when one transitions, among a bunch of other technical crap he clearly doesn’t know anything about.

          He shouldn’t be talking about a subject he clearly knows nothing.

          Also, this guy is a 9/11 truther among a bunch of other REALLLLLLLLLY crazy conspiracy theories. Why the fuck should I listen to this guy?! Because he has an opinion? Yeah, so do a lot of people. Opinions can be blatantly wrong and there is no need for me to respect an opinion just because it exists. Especially coming from THIS GUY.

          1. He actually does have an idea what he is talking about when it comes to fighting. He was a tae kwan do champion and has watched and commentated on over a thousand of fights. He wasn’t saying that the transperson shouldn’t be allowed to fight. He said she should have to fight men. Not, women. As there is a mechanical advantage that she maintains from her body as a man.

            Maybe you should understand his point of view and perspective before you get mad. Also Bas Ruten a professional fighter didn’t see the big deal about a transperson fighting. He was shocked that it was even an issue and they should be able to fight. When Joe informed him she was fighting women and not man he thought it was absurd and thought she was fighting women. That is 2 people who forgot more about fighting than you or anyone you know combined has ever known saying that there is a mechanical advantage to the man’s body.

      2. First, did you mean “…not subversive, in any way”, not “anyway”? You know, if we’re to have an intellectual discourse that prides itself on deep parsing of words…

        How is Rogan the status quo? Oh, you mean how he rails against drug laws & authority overstepping its bounds, & overtly supported Ron Paul for president? How his general thesis on his top-10 overall podcast is to “question everything”?

        & the guy works out all the time, writes all the time, & seems intellectually curious enough to have successfully hosted 300+ 3 hour podcasts, while having a plethora of esteemed & yes, “out there” guests on…but no, you’re right, he is pretty lazy, & only talks about himself all the time (?!?).

        & you speak of context, yet forget that he’s basically saying HE’S AGAINST SOMEONE WHO HAS 30 YEARS OF MASCULINE PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT GETTING INTO A RING & BEATING UP WOMEN (oh, & Fox lied about not being a natural-born woman before she went in the ring)…what he said had nothing to do with comedy, & it had nothing to do with outside the octagon, yet you’re basically saying he hates transgendered people, & was trying to be funny about it. Let’s be clear…

        I think he’s a *decent* comic (I’m more of a Patton Oswalt guy myself)…I do however find him to be a fairly brilliant podcaster, & a guy trying to pursue a masculine & enlightened course (which believe it or not, a lot of boys & men could stand to hear). If you cherry-pick the above comments & paint the guy as an unfunny, ego-laden brute, & then choose to shout it from the heavens, that to me…honey child, no… ;o)

    2. Oh and yeah, btw, when Bill Maher is quiping about religion he is punching down and sideways — being subversive — GOING AFTER THE STATUS QUO. And, hell, he’s not even always that great at it himself. Sometimes he punches down (particularly with his sexism and jokes about race) — that’s usually when he’s gotten himself into trouble, huh? Consider that for a moment.

      (I have a love/hate relationship with him. Sometimes he’s great, sometimes he’s a monumental, self-centered asshole. But I like a good ranter, a lot lot, and he’s a damn good one.)

      1. I screwed up my metaphor at least once. I have not had coffee yet. Punch up, punching down… arg. YOU GET THE IDEA.

    3. You’re an ignorant asshole, therefore you’re wrong. <- THAT'S ad hominem.
      You appear to be unable to A) grasp what ad hominem actually means; B) realize why asserting "it's just a joke!" is not a valid defense of anything, at all; C) determine whether he is, in fact, joking or not; D) notice that people ARE attacking his ideas as well as his person; nor E) provide any valid defense of either.
      Therefore, you are an ignorant asshole.
      How'd I do?

      1. “Now, now, ladies. Calm down. Joe Rogen is actually funny. I know you don’t get his humor because he clearly hates women and you are women, but hey. He’s funny. Trust me. I know. I’m a man. I have a penis. Otherwise known as the Humor Meter. Only penises can meter humor!”

    4. “Now hold on a quick minute, people. Joe Rogan is actually pretty damn funny. Most importantly, ”

      No comedian is either intrinsically funny or not funny. You either like them or you don’t. I don’t care for Joe Rogan’s style of humor, but that’s just taste. I think that Josie Long and Maria Bamford are two of the best comics working, but most of my friends find them tedious. C’est la vie.

      On the other hand quote mining comedians isn’t fair. You have to at least see a tape of the performance to get the context. (Most comedians go further and say you should really be in the room to evaluate the performance.) Evaluating a joke in written form is like reading a score and deciding in advance that you didn’t like the concert. For example I listened to Doug Loves Movies last night with Doug Benson, Jim Gaffigan, W. Kamau Bell, Pete Lee, and Graham Elwood. You could lift entire sections of the transcript where they were making horrible, insensitive jokes about AIDS babies. The joke was how some of the comedians including Jim and Doug were uncomfortable with the subject and the others were needling them. It was very meta and very funny to me. You just wouldn’t get this unless you read the entire transcript and probably not even then. You really had to be there (or at least listening to the podcast while walking back from the grocery store).

      1. On the other hand quote mining comedians isn’t fair. You have to at least see a tape of the performance to get the context

        I think that isn’t always the case, though. I think after a while, you can get a sense of what a comic is about. Have you read the shit he thinks about trans people? It’s pretty gnarly.

        This isn’t a man who respects women, that’s for sure. And it’s pretty evident.

      2. To be completely fair, those are Rogan’s Tweets, and the context, by it’s nature, is confined to a 140 characters or less. Twitter: Where we all quote mine ourselves

        1. Thanks for pointing out the obvious (that I even missed). So, Dave, no. Your defense is bullshit. There was NO quote-mining. At all. And it isn’t even really a joke. HE REALLY BELIEVES THIS.

          1. Yeah, and if you check out his feed, he’s clearly NOT joking about this. Oh, he likes to frame it in a typical false-balance approach that he used when going on his Gish Gallop against Phil Plait when he was pushing his moon landing conspiracy theories. Just a guy askin’ questions.

          2. Maybe not intentionally, but trying to claim that this was quote-mining is, quite honestly, a blatant lie. We were directly quoting him. Direct-quoting. Not quote-mining. That was my only point.

            The guy is a fucking idiot and we are taking everything he is saying at face value because that’s the way he intended it.

    5. Well, there’s no secret to how Bill Mahar feels about religion. He hates it. Are you saying Joe Rogan hates women? Not a good analogy and Bill Mahar isn’t a good example to bring up on this website when leveling accusations of “double standards”. Besides, calling a comedian “not funny” is not an ad-hominem attack. Personally, I think Joe Rogan is a smart, funny guy. I listened to his podcast with NDG and thought it was quite good and loved him on Newsradio. I also think he’s either got some regressive, sexist views about women, or realizes they’re a high value, low risk target. You see, his fan base is mostly male, so he’s not really risking his audience and if saying misogynist things could cost a comedian his career, you wouldn’t be hearing quite so much of it. But, they’ll use this post to show how humorless feminists are and how brave he is to stand up to them. There’s a good rant in “God Bless America” about this.

      @Sebastian Sileoni. So, Bill Barr and Joe Rogan are against hitting women. To paraphrase another funny, but misogynistic comic “you’re supposed to be against hitting women you low expectation having m—-f—-!” Is this the point where I’m supposed to offer them a cookie?

      1. To paraphrase another funny, but misogynistic comic “you’re supposed to be against hitting women you low expectation having m—-f—-!” Is this the point where I’m supposed to offer them a cookie?

        Shouldn’t you be more against hitting PEOPLE, outside of self-defense, and consensual MMA fighting and other consensual fighting? I am all for a good fight if everyone is in on it.

        1. OK, true enough. but I don’t know enough about Joe Rogan’s views on hitting men to assume he’s against it too.

          1. Um, you do realize that he’s REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY into MMA fighting, right?! Which involves people hitting other people, mostly men hitting other men? I mean, this is like, his major thing in his life. MMA fighting. People hitting each other. Mostly MEN hitting each other. He REALLY likes it. He lives for it!


    6. Thanks for ‘splaining that to us. I’d never have known it was just a joke otherwise.

    7. Jokes? You think these were jokes?! No. You don’t post something like that and just walk away. You just let your dog take a shit on Skepchick’s lawn. Get back here and clean it up.

      (Even I can make a more coherent dog poop analogy than Rogan.)

    1. WAAAHHHH!!! Why can’t you guys take a joke? WAAAAH! Ironic, really.

      Also, wanna bet those big celebs that once went on his show will now start distancing themselves from him? I bet the class of people he gets will be changing.

      1. I wish, but no. There’s rarely any blowback from this sort of stuff. That’s why there’s so much of it.

        1. I don’t know, this is pretty gross, and I think some people like deGrasse probably will never appear on his show again (but probably also won’t discuss why … he’ll just never appear again). I could be wrong. I’m trying not to be cynical. :P

          I don’t get how you can think Rogen is funny. He just … ugh. It’s like he’s trying SO HARD! And it’s not like I have classy taste. But he is clearly compensating for something. He isn’t even a real fighter, like AT ALL — he hangs on to the coat tails of MMA fighters. Dude is REALLY insecure. Which can sometimes make for some great comedy if you’re also self-aware. But he’s not. He’s so not. It just makes his comedy UNCOMFORTABLE.

          But taste is a funny thing, isn’t it?

          1. Coucherism? I have no idea what that means! New word, yay! Could you clarify? I’m not sure if you’re responding to me or not, lol.

          2. You allways learn something new. Mabye we can talk about making money with quantum post modernism, or holistic gender studies. There allways a gap in the market and the first one to spot it is the one that makes the most of it :P

          3. NDG goes on Bill Mahar’s show and Bill has whole routines about how much he hates femininity (as he perceives it). Also, his two favorite ways to insult any activity are to either 1) call the people gay for participating in it, or 2) claim they only do it because they can’t get laid. Because homophobia and virgin shaming (Gasp! why don’t the MRA’s go after him for that? Isn’t virgin shaming one of the things they like to whine about?) are real good progressive values. He does level some great, witty criticism against religion and conservatives, but after I started noticed those things, it became harder and harder to watch him. Plus, he uses being “politically incorrect” to blame the audience when a joke bombs, which I find annoying.

            Also, while saying why you don’t think he’s funny isn’t ad hominem, going after his MMA interests is and specifically, attacking his masculinity for it is sexist.

          4. I honestlly loved his vegan pizza joke, by the way let them do all the “virgin” shamming they want. Bill Maher isn’t the ideal host for a TV show, but is nice to see that there are some shows that hasn’t surrendet to political correctness and that’s something worth celebrating… while I recomend that if some one doesn’t find JR funny it’s ok, but some people do and as long that happens he’ll make good money :P

          5. Bill Maher isn’t downright nasty, though, but I do see the rest of your points. Still, I get the feeling Bill Maher actually does respect women, even if he’s a damn idiot about it sometimes. Joe Rogen clearly has ISSUES.

            Also, while saying why you don’t think he’s funny isn’t ad hominem, going after his MMA interests is and specifically, attacking his masculinity for it is sexist.

            That’s not what I meant. Clearly the guy is a man. A manly man, even! I mean, honestly, I find him really sexually attractive as long as he keeps his mouth shut. :P (I have strange tastes.)

            What I”m saying is that he’s likely a realllllly shitty fighter and so he has to hang on the coat tails of actual fighters. I know a few people who are really into MMA and Joe Rogen is generally known as a blowhard who couldn’t really hack it as a real fighter.

            His insecurities shine through his “material”. And it’s not funny because he’s just not self-aware.

          6. drken,

            Bill Maher isn’t downright nasty, though, but I do see the rest of your points. Still, I get the feeling Bill Maher actually does respect women, even if he’s a damn idiot about it sometimes. Joe Rogen clearly has ISSUES.

            Also, while saying why you don’t think he’s funny isn’t ad hominem, going after his MMA interests is and specifically, attacking his masculinity for it is sexist.

            That’s not what I meant. Clearly the guy is a man. A manly man, even! I mean, honestly, I find him really sexually attractive as long as he keeps his mouth shut. :P (I have strange tastes.)

            What I”m saying is that he’s likely a realllllly shitty fighter and so he has to hang on the coat tails of actual fighters. I know a few people who are really into MMA and Joe Rogen is generally known as a blowhard who couldn’t really hack it as a real fighter.

            His insecurities shine through his “material”. And it’s not funny because he’s just not self-aware.

          7. d’oh. sorry for the double post, didn’t go through the first time, should have hit refresh.

          8. And I think MMA is fun, so I’m not hating on that. I’m just saying he’s an insecure blowhard who couldn’t hack it as an MMA fighter and now he has to say stupid shit to stay relevant.

          9. Sorry, I assumed you were referring to penis size (or it’s figurative equivalent) when you said he was overcompensating. I guess I should be a little less cynical.

            True, Bill Mahar isn’t as sexist as Joe Rogan, who’s not as sexist as Doug Stanhope. It’s not an all or none thing. But, yes Joe and Doug are angrier than Bill, who’s angrier than Jimmy Kimmel. Also, I know nothing about MMA, so I was reserving judgement on his actual abilities. I guess I should be a little more cynical. I watch auto racing, where you see celebs trying their hand at it all the time (Paul Newman, Patrick Dempsey, Frankie Muniz), but as long as they don’t try to pass themselves off as career race car drivers (like Frankie did) or put themselves where they don’t belong (google Jason Priestly Indycar) everybody’s pretty cool with it. Other sports aren’t so understanding.

          10. He’s an idiot. That’s what he’s overcompensating for. His lack of intellect! But I can totally see how that could come across in the way you perceived it. They language I used is very typical of that. So that was totally my bad. :)

            The thing is, Joe Rogan DOES try to pass himself off as some big fighting MMA guy … that’s what makes him a blowhard.

            I am not particularly athletic. I have nothing against non-pros getting in on the action. But Joe Rogan is just an asshole about it.

          11. Sebastian:
            political correctness
            Oh, you mean, the ability to shit down the social hierarchy on the people beneath you and be considered ~a brave truthteller~ for it?

          12. & finally…as an accomplished martial artist who got out of the game of it because 1)there was no money in it @ the time, & 2)he was worried about head trauma…could it be he got into MMA & commenting on it because, oh I dunno, *he respects people who do it*? It’s an incredibly lazy intellectual leap to decry a guy’s passion & respect for people who do something really difficult & courageous as “he’s insecure & is just living off their fumes!”. The guy practices martial arts to this day…he just decided as a young man to stop competing (WAY before there was even a UFC).

            If it makes you feel better…he’s gone on record (INCLUDING in his comedy) that he’s dumb. Plenty of intelligent people who’ve met him vehemently disagree, but he feels he’s not that smart. Is that self-aware enough for you? ;o)

  7. Awww, it’s the widdle Andrew Dice Clay wannabe. Isn’t he adorable?

    Who’s a big man? You are! Yes, you are!

  8. Joe Rogan’s comedy in fact primarily tackles subversive subjects, he’s a counter cultural comedian. His podcast (340 and counting btw) feature radical free-thinking guests and ideas. He just disagrees with some feminist points, but only a minority. Is that sexist, gain some perspective?

    1. I buy your last point as much as I buy Rogan’s “just askin’ questions” routine when defending moon landing conspiracies.

    2. SO much fucking word salad. Nothing to actually back it up.

      Lenny Bruce was a radical free-thinking counter culture comedian.

      George Carlin was a radical free-thinking counter culture comedian.

      This guy is NOT.

      Please don’t group him into actual great comedians.

      Related side-note: While I think Louis CK is a radical free-thinker, I wouldn’t consider him counter-culture, even though George Carlin is obviously a huge inspiration.

    3. Yea. He’s so edgy and counter-cultural. I love the way he fought the power by hosting Fear Factor. That really broadened everyone’s horizons. And commenting on UFC? Talk about slaving away in obscurity on the fringes of culture.

      Saying things to get applause from idiot frat boys is not counter cultural. His bullying of the disenfranchised is the height of cowardice, and that’s his entire act.

  9. Adjusting for podcast vulgarity,


    I have to say, I crack myself up sometimes.

      1. This is me they were talking to. Bad Santa is my favorite movie! I ain’t afraid of some fuckin’ vulgarity. Just be clever about it, for fuck’s sake! And Joe Rogan is certainly not clever.

  10. It’s amazing how the follower of Freudian coucherism actually believe that they can KNOW what’s going on, inside peoples “psyche” by analizing their “speech”. Please I’m so curious of how those super power works, tell me more :P
    Does he suffers “pennis envy” or it’s a classix (1880s) text book example of “inferiority complex”…. mabye we should run some “dream analysis” while we snore some coke and rand about how awesome is to be able to reads peoples mind…..
    No quackery going on here…
    Were is the “big foot” skepticism when its needed? XD

    1. What are you talking about? Um. Sometimes when people say things, they actually mean what they say, and it can give insight on how they feel about certain things. I mean, that’s what COMMUNICATING even means.

      Freudian coucherism? Really? We are taking DIRECT FUCKING QUOTES that are quite plain and easy to read and understand.


      This is a new one.

      Apparently now I can say whatever the fuck I want, and when someone takes it at face value, I can just scream, “FREUDIAN COUCHERISM!”

      Do you need some dressing for that word salad?

      Also, Freudian isn’t exactly known for being perfect when it comes to sexuality and sexism, you know. Jeeeeeez.

      I don’t think he suffers “pennis envy” [sic]. I do think he’s highly insecure. Not necessarily the same thing. Women can be insecure, too!

      In fact, I bet he has a giant penis. I’ve had lots of penises. Even the huge dicks can be insecure

    2. Also, read people’s minds? He … said … things … out loud. Both on the radio AND online! I mean, imagine that! A man speaks and a man writes and we analyze and talk about the words he says and speaks!

      Do you know what “psychic” means? Or what the concept of “reading people’s minds” is? ‘Cuz I don’t think you do. O_o

        1. My other comment is awaiting moderation, so I’ll just say in short:

          Freudian coucherism? Really? We are taking DIRECT FUCKING QUOTES that are quite plain and easy to read and understand.


          ALSO WHAT IS THIS? Coucherism? Really? What?

          Sebastian, is English your second language? I am trying not to be too snarky about your style of writing, but to be perfectly frank, much of it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  11. I said “psyche” a term coined originally by couchers. We have a vibrant ant active comunity of couchers down here in Argentina so you get used to their “techniques”. Psyche is the freudian concept of mind, mind is more scientific, you know science that shit that dorks do to actually verify and test claims …. that’s nasty nerdy stuff Oh no! lets get the intensive course and run conclutions fast and cheap :D. Who doesn’t want to claim that those who we disagree have problems with their dongles? c’mon that’s just common sence xD

    1. Nasty nerdy stuff?! What the god damn hell? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?

      And, no, you mentioned reading people’s minds — therefore my bit about being psychic. Do you know what “reading people’s minds” and “psychic” means? Because um, they are the same thing.

      *takes off her glasses*

      *stares blankly*

      I can’t reply to this crap.

        1. No, he loves us! :D :D That’s why he’s being so weirdly condescending! Yep. Clearly he loves us.

    2. In other words, you took a fast and cheap approach to apply a pet theory because of some personal, local concerns to something that isn’t analogous to this situation since no one is claiming to understand Joe Rogan’s state of mind, just applying our own values to his explicit statements. Otherwise, you’re basically making a claim that it is impossible for humans to communicate any type intent or make judgments about statements and behavior of our fellow humans without first running some kind of meta-analysis. Does anyone have a scientific calculator I can borrow?

    1. I don’t know what this means? PZ Myers did indeed talk about this. He made a post about this very thing!

      Also, I don’t think anyone cares if you “like” us. I know I don’t give a fuck.

    1. Can we stay on topic, please? I don’t think particularly highly of you or your silly, completely useless opinions, and I have no desire to be cute with you.

  12. Sure: comedian say things some people didn’t like, crying started, some latino dude started calling out quackery, now latino guys is listening joe’s podcast :D (with cara santa maria, yeah what a gender traitor that girl is…..)

    1. Trolling dude is trolling hard … keep up the non-sequiturs and the strawmen. No matter how hard you press down, your square peg “criticism” ain’t fitting that circle slot.

      1. I am trying to be nice because obviously English isn’t his first language, but I can’t say I find this Sabastian fellow a very effective troll, or to be very bright. Mostly he’s just left me confused.

          1. Once on 101 in Los Angeles I saw a car with a custom New Jersey license plate that said “JOISEY”

    2. What? This is far more complicated. You’re rather dense and dull, you know that?

      Anyway, there are so many other funny comedians out there. Why waste your time on such bullshit? You should check out the nerdist podcasts instead! And I’m serious: — way more fun than rogan.

    3. Oh and Cara Santa Maria is a WOMAN, not a girl. And quackery? You’re the one quacking, what with your “couchism” bullshit.

  13. Oh no they used the T world If I don’t go silence they’ll start the whole “we will block you anyway buts lets pretend we will let you defend your self” charade. It’s cool, it’s cool

    1. What the god damned fucking hell are you on about?

      You keep getting banned, I imagine? Maybe if you keep getting banned, it’s YOU that has the problem, and not everyone else?

      I also suspect you keep getting banned because you’re an obnoxious (emphasis on OBNOXIOUS) little troll that makes no sense and who clearly likes to derail conversations to make it all about him.

      A troll AND a martyr! We haven’t had one of those in a while.

      Annnnyway, clearly you’re not worth my time, so I’ll just roll my eyes and ignore you from here on.

      MOVING ON.

    2. Amusing … martyr complex followed by sarcastic defense mechanism against rejection. Probably a serial killer or a would-be insurance adjuster …

      Or maybe you’re not being very effective in your “defense of yourself”, since, well, you haven’t actually backed up your statements or addressed other people’s concerns in any sense. So, yeah…trolololol

      1. Scribe, you’re on fire today! But a wpuld-be insurance adjuster? Let’s not go too far…

          1. Whatever, keep it up! Ah tears! Milk came out my nose.
            This whole coucherism meme seems like a potential comedy goldmine.


    If you get banned somewhere on FTB, that does not mean you need to start jumping from blog to blog, spewing the same bullshit over and over again. And please dear god stop jumping blog NETWORKS and coming here once you’ve exhausted all of FTB. Please? Pretty please?

    It’s like you all follow the same script. Are you sure you’re not Edward Grammer or whatever the fuck his name was?

  15. I never said I was banned from other blogs…. mabye my “subcointient” is giving the wrong impression. But If I still like this blog is because is a bastion of free speech in comparison with FTB. And no I’m not a fake user or something like that….. have you checked your self for Toxo? :P

    1. Oh, and Sebastian? I don’t think you know what free speech means. Blocking obnoxious little trolls is not a violation of anyone’s free speech. Just sayin’.

      1. When someone kicks you out of a party for being an asshole, that’s not a violation of your free speech.

  16. I do like you guys, you haven’t block me this is a conversation that you won’t have on the FTB website :D <——-

    Sure about that? I get the feeling you've been blocked, aka banned, from FTB blogs. For being an obnoxious little asshat.

  17. NO I haven’t. But I’ve seen pastor myers and some of his minions going crazzy on blocking rage. Yet it doesn’t seem to be the case here, that’s the only reason I’ll bother to comment here :D. Ok now let’s tune in NDT episode on Rogan’s podcast

  18. I’m just imagine a JR podcast with TJ the amazing atheist as a guest, mind blowing.
    No I’m not high. Should I feel offended that you make a sugestion that latinos are high all the time?. (I was kidding of course)

    1. Well, I have some really good sticky, if you’d like some. Maybe then you’ll actually make some fucking sense. Seriously, dude, go other someone else.

  19. marilove – I need to pull you up on one of your comments as I don’t think it’s factual – saying he’s likely a reaaaaally shitty fighter who hangs off the coat tails of other fighters – I’ll quote his wiki –
    ‘In 1981, at age fourteen, he became a practitioner of Kenpo Karate before transitioning to Taekwondo.[5] He eventually gained a 2nd dan black belt.[6] A four-time state champion in Massachusetts, in 1987 he was the USA Taekwondo U.S. Open Champion.[7] In 1996, he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado, eventually earning his black belt.[8] In addition, he holds a black belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo.[9]
    He also practiced and competed in kickboxing.’

    Having listened to well over 200 of his 345 or so podcasts, I don’t find him sexist or misogynist at all. He constantly extols the virtues of being healthy, kind to all people and putting out positive energy. (whether you think he’s doing that with his recent comments is up to you. But I’d suggest you listen to that entire podcast.) As for his opinions on MMA fighting, you would struggle to find any person more educated in the subject than Joe Rogan. A decorated martial artist himself going back almost 30 years, and having commentated on well over 1000 fights, he’s no blowhard. He has a virtual doctorate in the subject.

    1. So he used to be a pretty good fighter. Sounds like a lot of guys who also used to be pretty good football players. Not everyone grows out of that gracefully.

      Dude. Did you read those fucking tweets?

      I don’t MIND most kids, and some I even like pretty okay, but for the most part I don’t really understand them and there are a few I actually don’t like. He’s talking about me and he’s talking about women and he’s comparing us to dogs. Directly. He’s comparing us directly to dogs. Because we don’t much like children.

      And I’ve highlighted his trans-phobic bullshit previously, so I won’t do it again.

      But I”m really tired of people ignoring blatant misogyny.

      I’m not a dog. I’m a hiuman being.

      You’re being utterly ridiculous. It’s bullshit. He’s comparing us to dogs but you don’t find him “sexist or misogynist at all”.

      “(whether you think he’s doing that with his recent comments is up to you. But I’d suggest you listen to that entire podcast.)”

      No. I’d rather not. I’ve already been compared to a dog. He said this on twitter. Why do I need to listen to his podcast? I know exaclty how he feels.

      Joe Rogan can go fuck himself.

      1. & he wasn’t a fighter, he was a *martial artist*…according to him, he’s never been in a fight outside competition, actively avoids them (intelligently), & only took up martial arts *because he was being bullied*. From my understanding, he therefore tends to *stand up* to bullies, like an overreaching government, & believe it or not, women who were men for 30 years, & then take hormones, lie to athletic commissions, & then annihilate women in a sanctioned ring.

        Being a true martial artist is really whole moral system that’s actually NOT based on simply being an aggressive bully who can beat people up. In fact, any bully you see, physically or psychologically, has most assuredly not been exposed to martial arts…

    2. Also, he has called feminist men gender traitors. This is what he has said. And yet .. yeah, you know what? Fuck it.

      I’m not going to change your mind, obviously, so why even try? You’re a fanboy. I can’t compete with that.

      You’re also completely and utterly wrong.

      1. And last I checked, calling his own gender “gender traitors” because they don’t agree with him isn’t even a little bit kind.

        Your utter denial is astonishing and pathetic and quite frankly, I’m done arguing.

        Have a wonderful night. Enjoy your Joe Rogan. I’m going to entertain myself with someone I actually want to entertain myself. Because, I HAVE listened to his podcasts. And I thought he was a rambling blowhard.

        For the record, I think Adam Carolla is really good at what he does and I enjoy listening to him even though he pisses me off.

        Joe ROgan is no Adam Carolla. They can both go fuck themselves, though. :)

        1. Ah, crap, I copied the draft instead of the finished notepad file. Ah, well. You get the picture.

          1. Really glad you enjoy taking out your opinion of Joe Rogan, not accepting cited facts brought up about his prior fighting. Just dismissing them because it is convenient for you. Also really enjoyed you only pointing to the tweets and not acknowledging anything that has been said in the various podcasts on this subject, as well as the transgender in MMA. I hope the best of luck to her, but not disclosing it until she found out a reporter was going to out her seems rather shady.

    1. Seems he was a good fighter. That’s cool. I imagine he wishes he were still a young, successful fighter.

      1. And I just want to clarify that his fighting ability is like … kind of not important and I was being a bit of a jerk because he’s a jerk and deserves it. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t think he cares if I’m calling him a shitty fighter, and to be honest this whole “ad hominem” thing gets thrown around too much. I can’t hurt the fucking guy. Seriously.

        Besides, the defiintion according to Wikedia, which I like, is: “An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an argument made personally against an opponent ”

        He’s not an opponent of mine. The guy called women who dislike children DOGS and has said some other nasty shit about feminists. He’s called people gender traitors! He has a far bigger voice than I do, in more than one way. And yet *I* am the one being nitpicked on because I called him out a little bit? I wasn’t even that fucking mean. I can be meaner. He’s a shitty person.

        1. Was really just giving you a gentle ribbing because I read this post earlier in the day when it had very few comments, came home, opened it up, and Eddie Izzard hath exploded throughout the thread. Not that I mind seeing such a good manicure fifty times or so.

          1. I knew that, but I was on a motherfuckin’ ROLL! :)

            But seriously, folks, I think I can call Joe Rogan a sexist douchebag motherfucker who can’t fight for shit, and it isn’t going to hurt his privileged little feelings.

        2. This is way, way, WAY too literal. If you really, truly think his entire point was to compare women to dogs, well then I guess he thinks his wife & the 3 daughters he’s raising are just canines. This is really quite silly, & I have to suspect you know it…

          He expressed, in his opinion, women are much more in tune with children (according to a later tweet, he overheard a “mean lady” say something to the affect about not liking kids), & the woman/child bond is deeper than the male/child one is or could be. So he was disappointed in this woman, & chose to use another analogy of a dog eating its own shit…i.e., both things are just a little sad to see…

          I somehow suspect if the guy was 150 pounds, had glasses, & was self-effacing in his comedy 75% of the time, we wouldn’t see these overarching & quick-jumping conclusions & reactions about the guy…but because he puts off a generally “manly” vibe, it seems feminists go straight to “he’s an idiot repressive woman-hater!”.

          1. Hey, I know some really great watermelon jokes you’d probably enjoy. And I have black loved ones, so no way those jokes would be racist!

  20. Now to prove that I’m not only here to troll. It’s a known fact that many (not all) feminist endorse some sort of leftist ideology (even progresive will have admit that). So many MRAs openlly endorse libertarianism, needless to say that couldn’t ask an easier target to call out the most retarded side of the “anti feminist” movement.. Why that’s not happening right now? (remember now I’ve just switch sides XD)

    1. Jeezus fucking keerist on a pogo stick. “Retarded?” Really?

      You’re not going to earn any points by using ableist slurs.

      1. Shiiiit, I missed that. It was hiding in a bunch of other crap.

        Sebastian, stop being an obnoxious asshole, seriously.

        1. You complaint I’m to harsh on feminism, now I’m to harsh on MRAs why you can’t tell me what do you want from me? you’re acting like a bunch of….. ohhhhhhhhh now I see

          1. Sebaaaaaaastian Sebaaaaaaastian Sebaaaaaaastian Sebaaaaaaastian Sebaaaaaaastian

  21. i think this is a brilliantly put post but the ensuing comments are just nasty. i think your tact is unfortunately lost on some people here. but hey, spread the love

  22. I’m disappointed that psilocybin hasn’t set him straight on these issues.

    I guess it makes sense. You only go into that experience with the knowledge you bring with you. Privilege isn’t so much a matter of perspective as it is a lack of information.

    1. I’ve done my fair share and have known others who have and still hold their own weird views. It’s not a magic potion. :)

  23. As a big comedy podcast fan, I pretty much straight up loathe Joe Rogan. The only worthwhile thing he’s done is call out Carlos Mencia for being a joke thief. Otherwise he’s just an overconfident dudebro who is much too convinced of his own rightness. He’s like Adam Carolla only somehow worse.

    1. I think Adam Carolla is a far more talented on-air personality. Joe Rogan wishes he was as good as Adam Carolla. (Don’t get me wrong, Adam Carolla is a fucking sexist dick, but he’s a pretty talented on-air personality.)

  24. One of the reasons I love this site is because of its epic smackdowns. And it’s funny to watch the people get called out for their sexism get all butthurt. It immediately follows that they talk about their freedom of speech being violated. lol.

    Skepchick is synonymous with winning.

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