EVENTS This Week: Rebecca in CR, Reasonfest, Secular Summit, SD Con of Reason, Philly Science Fest & More

The week ahead is a busy one for conferences, from Reasonfest 3 in Kansas, Lobby Day and Secular Summit in DC, the first ever South Dakota Conference of Reason, the Philadelphia Science Festival, and the International Festival of Science Documentary Films in the Czech Republic, featuring Rebecca!

You’ll find some great talks going on as well, including one in Chicago by Kate Donovan, of Teen Skepchick and Freethought Blogs, on “Schizophrenia: Myth and Science“; an interview of Susan Jacoby by Massimo Pigliucci at the New York Society for Ethical Culture; a talk on “Neuroscience, Belief and Illness” in Atlanta; and tons more. Plus, Londoners don’t want to miss out on the Second Humanist Poker Tournament next Tuesday.

Featured Events for April 19–25

Below are some highlights of events around the U.S. (listed by region), in Australia, the Czech Republic, and the UK. You can find a ton more going on all over the world in our events calendar.

Don’t see your area listed here or in the calendar? Shoot us an email, or let me know in the comments what area you are interested in.


Washington, DC, April 24–April 26

The Secular Coalition of America‘s 2013 Lobby Day and Secular Summit starts next Wednesday. Register here.

Somerset, NJ, Sun, April 21

Katherine Stewart, author of The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, is giving a talk to the New Jersey Humanist Network.

New York, NY—Multiple

Sun., April 21: The Democratic Socialists of America are hosting a Bowl-a-thon to raise money for low-income women to have access to safe abortions.
Wed., April 24: Massimo Pigliucci is interviewing Susan Jacoby as part of the New York Society for Ethical Culture‘s Advocacy Forum.
Thurs., April 25: Reasonable New York‘s Voices of Reason lecture series features biotech researcher Daniel Korostyshevsky talking on “Crowd for Discovery: Changing the Paradigm of Science Funding.”

Philadelphia, PA—Multiple

April 18–28: The Philadelphia Science Festival runs for 10 days, starting April 18. Check out the carnival this Saturday.
Sun, April 21: Join PhACT – Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking to attend a brunch with James Randi. $35.

Glen Allen, VA, Sun, April 21

Join the Richmond Reason and Naturalism Association for a wine tasting field trip this Sunday.

Williamsburg, VA, Sun, April 21

Southeastern Virginia Skeptics are getting together to tour the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.



Clearwater, FL, Sun. April 21

CFI Tampa Bay is hosting a talk by Ed Ericson on “Separating Myth and History in Christian Origins.”

Atlanta, GA, Sat., April 20

The Atlanta Skeptics are hosting a talk by Karen S. Rommelfanger, director of the Neuroethics Program at Emory University: “Is It All in Your Head? Neuroscience, Belief and Illness.”

Fayetteville, GA, Sat., April 20

The Spalding Freethought Society is having a potluck picnic this Saturday with pony rides, swimming, hiking, fishing, and more.

Charleston, SC, Sun., April 21

James Croft of the Humanist Community at Harvard is giving a talk, “Fulfilling the Promise of Humanism,” sponsored by the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry. (I saw him speak at Skepticon, and he was fantastic, so if you can make it to this, I recommend it.)



Dallas, TX, Sat., April 20

The Fellowship of Freethought Dallas is going on a dino dig with kids 9 years and up at the Arlington Archosaur SiteNote that you must RSVP by Thurs., April 18.

San Antonio, TX, Mon., April 22

The Million March Against Child Abuse is this Monday, outside the Bexar County Court House.



Chicago, IL, Sat., April 20

Kate Donovan, of Teen Skepchick and Freethought Blogs, is giving a talk to the Chicago Skeptics on “Schizophrenia: Myth and Science.”

Skokie, IL, Sun, April 21

The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago is celebrating Earth Day with its Annual Spring Festival.

Lawrence, KS, Sat., April 20

The Society of Open-Minded Atheists & Agnostics are hosting Reasonfest 3 this weekend, with an interfaith panel (atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and Hindu), the debut of Godless Perverts Story Hour featuring Greta Christina, “Moral Combat” (a debate featuring Matt Dillahunty), plus comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, singer/songwriter Shelley Segal and more.

Roseville, MN, Sun., April 21

This Sunday’s Minnesota Atheists public meeting features a presentation on “Progress on LGBT issues in Minnesota,” by OutFront Minnesota Legal Director Phil Duran.

Branson, MO, Sat., April 20

Springfield Freethinkers and Branson Freethinkers are going on a joint campout this weekend.

Akron, OH, Mon., April 22

The Secular Student Alliance at the University of Akron is hosting a talk by August Berkshire, “August Berkshire: A World on Autopilot?

Oacoma, SD, Sat., April 20

The South Dakota Conference of Reason is this Saturday, organized by Siouxland Freethinkers and featuring all South Dakota freethought groups coming together to discuss, learn, and present, with workshops and presentations by Fred Edwords, of the United Coalition of Reason.


Mesa, AZ, Sun., April 21

The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix is hosting a talk by Dale Baich, “The Death Penalty in Arizona Past, Present, and Future.” Breakfast available for $5.

Tucson, Prescott, and Scottsdale, AZ, Sun., April 21, Mon., April 22, and Wed., April 24

Jason Torpy, president of the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers, will be speaking at various locations this weekend. In Tucson on Sunday, hosted by Freethought Arizona; in Prescott on Monday, hosted by Prescott Freethinkers; and in Scottsdale on Wednesday, hosted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation – Valley of the Sun Chapter.



Berkeley, CA, Sun., April 21

East Bay Atheists are hosting a talk on climate change denial by Minda Berbeco of the National Center for Science Education.

Denver, CO, Wed., April 24

Cafe Sci 2 is on “Asteroids to Aquifers: Paleontology/Geology of the Denver Basin,” with Ian Miller, curator of paleontology and director of earth and space sciences at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Riverside, CA, Sun., April 21

Bring the family to a Camp Quest Afternoon, hosted by the Inland Empire Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics, with games, science and humanism activities, and more.

Sacramento, CA—Multiple

Sat., April 20: Dan Barker is speaking at Sacramento State on “Should Religion and Government Be Separate?”
Sun., April 21: Have brunch with Dan Barker along with members of the Freedom from Religion Foundation – Greater Sacramento Chapter. $20.

San Diego, CA, Sun., April 21

Join the San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics and the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego at their secular outreach booth at the Earth Fair at Balboa Park this weekend.

Turlock, CA, Fri., April 19

Dan Barker will debate philosophy professor Russell DiSilvestro on  “Does The God of the Bible Exist?” at Turlock High School.

Denver, CO, Sun., April 21

The Denver Atheists are hosting part 1 of Eudaimonia, a discussion about death, featuring a speaker on whole body donation from Science Care.

Salt Lake City, UT, Sun., April 21

Join the Atheists of Utah-Ogden Sect at The Exit Interview, a play that delves into religion, politics, and sex, performed by the Salt Lake Acting Company.



Melbourne, Tues., April 23

Join Peninsula Atheists for a talk with John Perkins, president of the Secular Party of Australia.

Czech Republic

Olomouc, April 16–April 21

Rebecca is a special guest at the International Festival of Science Documentary Films this weekend at Palacky University in Olomouc.

United Kingdom

High Wycombe, Wed., April 24

Join High Wycombe Skeptics for a talk on “Statistics in the Media,” by Kevin McConway.

London, Tues., April 23

The Second Humanist Poker Tournament is this Tuesday, hosted by Central London Humanists

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  1. Philly folks can also sign up for a free talk Thursday April 25th (6:30pm) at the College of Physicians (aka “where the Mütter Museum is”) titled Hypochondria, Hypochondriasis: Authority and Uncertainty in Medicine being given by Catherine Belling, PhD, Program in Medical Humanities & Bioethics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. It sounds pretty cool. Here’s the spot for details and to reserve a seat:

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