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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Warning: The “Even sloths take selfies” link had an autoplaying video (that was below the immediately apparent page, at that) of “Sloths on a boat”. At least for me; that may be random “related content”.

  2. Re: Zelda games
    1. there are the “Drunk Link” videos, in which an inebriated Link complains about
    a) Zelda getting kidnapped all the time (I keep telling her “don’t get kidnapped” and she keeps getting kidnapped)
    b) how he gets second billing “Who does all the work? Me. What are the games called? Legend of Zelda.” Theatrical drunken sigh.
    The last Zelda game I got, for the DS (“Spirit Tracks”), Princess Zelda gets disembodied by the bad guys.
    When Exposition Character turns up to explain how to get Zelda’s body and spirit back together, Zelda indicates that she’s going to sit in the castle and wait for Link to do all the quests. Exposition Character then explains that Zelda, in ghost/spirit form, could be quite helpful, Zelda insists that she comes from a long line of princesses who sit and wait to be rescued.
    So at least they’re kind-of aware of the problem, but even when she goes on the adventure and occasionally possesses a suit of armour, she still lets out annoying “eek!” noises whenever she sees a mouse – which is actually a problem you have to solve for certain puzzles.
    So yeah, they kind of pretend they’re fixing the problem … but not really so much.

  3. Re the apple article. Another example of GMOs being used for the benefit of mankind rather than the benefit of large corporations. Good job!

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