EVENTS This Week—Skeptics of OZ, St. Patrick’s Day, Atlanta Poly Weekend & More!

This weekend we’ve got several big events going on, including Atlanta Poly Weekend and the Skeptics of OZ conference (OZ as in Kansas, not Australia). One of the speakers is our very own Teen Skepchick and Queereka writer Lux Pickel.

Plus, freethinkers all over are getting involved in positive ways through charity events and participation in community St. Patrick’s Day parades. Well, except the KC-Midtown Freethinkers, who were apparently told they were not a “good fit” by the parade committee. Seeing a clear need to dispel myths about atheists, they are getting together at the parade anyway for their own “Ask an Atheist” mini-event. If you’re anywhere near, show your support by joining them.

Featured Events for March 15–21

Below are some highlights of events around the U.S. (listed by region), in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. You can find a ton more going on all over the world in our events calendar.

Don’t see your area listed here or in the calendar? Shoot us an email, or let me know in the comments what area you are interested in.



Edit: Canceled event removed.

Mullica Hill, NJ, Sun., March 17

The Gloucester County Humanists’ monthly meeting features a presentation by Nancy Steelman, of the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society, on Mary Treat, the South Jersey scientist who helped Darwin publish his work.

New York, NY—Multiple

Sun., March 17: Richies List, CFI, and Reasonable New York are hosting a workshop, Be a Science & Secularism Activist, led by the Center for Inquiry’s Michael De Dora. Registration closes March 15.

Tues., March 19: NOW-NYC and NYCLU is providing abortion clinic escort training. Registration required.

Fri., March 15: Get together with CFI-NYC for Freethinkers Rockin’ Out—Stellar Corpses. $10 in advance or $13 at the door.

Allentown, PA, Sat., March 16

The Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society and Lehigh Valley Humanists are having a star party at South Mountain Observatory. Get more info here.



West Palm Beach, FL, Sun., March 17

BLAST (Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together) Women of WPB are getting together for Feminism and Art: Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, featuring Harriet Rothauser.

Tampa, FL, Sat., March 16

CFI-Tampa is hosting Luis Granados, author of Damned Good Company.

Winter Park, FL, Sun., March 17

Join Black Nonbelievers of Metro Orlando and Orlando Freethinkers and Humanists for a talk by  Bridget Gaudette, “Blackwards: Why Being a Black Atheist Is Rare.” $5. Free to members.

Atlanta, GA—Multiple

Fri.­–Sun., March 15–17: The Atlanta Poly Weekend conference starts Friday, with speakers on poly issues related to family, the law, social interactions, and justice.

Sat., March 16: The Atlanta Skeptics are hosting a live podcast event, with Derek Colanduno of Skepticality, Blake Smith of Monster Talks, and John Snider of American Freethought. The event is part of fundraising for Skepticamp 2013.

Louisville, KY, Tues., March 19

The Louisville Area Skeptics are hosting magicians Brent Braun & Darshwood the Conjurer for their presentation “Considering the Impossible.” $2.

New Bern, NC, Sun., March 17

Humanists & Freethinkers of New Bern are hosting local political activist and leader Libbie Griffin to talk on “Does Your Vote Count?”

Wilmington, NC, Sun., March 17
The Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear are hosting an Evening with Dr. Herb Berg, professor of philosophy and religion. He’ll talk about “The Future of Atheism and Unbelief.”

Charleston, SC, Sun., March 17

Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry are hosting a talk by psychiatrist Andy Thomson, “Why We Believe in God(s): An Introduction to the Psychological Science of Religious Belief.”



New Orleans, LA, Sat., March 16

NOSHA is celebrating Darwin Day this Saturday (because February in New Orleans was already packed with celebrations). Join them at the zoo for speakers and all-around celebrating.

Austin, TX, Sun., March 17

Roy Zimmerman is giving a free concert for CFI members! $15 for nonmembers

Ft Worth, TX, Tues., March 19

Join the FreeThinkers of Fort Worth for a one-night only orchestral/rock concert covering Queen at Bass Hall. $35.

Dallas, TX and Irving, TX, Sun., March 17

Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, will be at the Fellowship of Freethought gathering and potluck in the morning and in Irving, with the Metroplex Atheists in the afternoon, discussing and signing his book Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason.



Batavia, IL, Fri., March 15

Join the Secular Events in Chicago group at Fermilab to search for Comet Pan-STARRS and watch The Believers: A Science Documentary.

Skokie, IL, Sun., March 17

John Nichols, of The Nation, is speaking at the Ethical Humanist Society on “Obama’s Reelection and the Mandate for a Caring Society.”

Lenexa, KS, Sat., March 16

The Midwest Skeptics Society is hosting biology professor Mindy L. Walker for part one of her talk “Evolution: It’s Just Genetics Over Time

Wichita, KS, Sat.–Sun., March 16–17

The Skeptics of OZ conference, sponsored by Wichita Coalition of Reason, is this weekend! Teen Skepchick and Queereka writer Lux Pickel is one of the speakers, so be sure to say hello!

Kansas City, KS, Sun., March 17

KC–Midtown FreeThinkers are doing an “Ask the Atheist” mini-event at the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade after being told they couldn’t march in it.

Roseville, MN, Sun., March 17

The MN Atheists public meeting is all about Atheist Organization and Activism in Small-Town Minnesota, featuring a lecture by Ken Kressin, organizer of the Cannon Falls Freethinkers.

Sioux Falls, SD, Sat., March 16

The Siouxland Freethinkers are marching in the Sioux Falls St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday. Join them for only $3 (benefiting the Special Olympics).



Tempe, AZ—Multiple

The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix has two musical excursions going on this week:

Sat., March 16: LOUD II: An Outdoor Celebration of LOUD Bands and Fine Food. Free.

Tues., March 19: Performance with a View: ASU Guitar Ensembles Lakeside. Free



Pasadena, CA—Multiple

Sat., March 16: Mary Johnson, author of An Unquenchable Thirst, will be at Vroman’s to sign and discuss her book.

Sun., March 17: This Sunday at Caltech, the talk is “To Boldly Go…Well, You Know: NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt,” featuring Marc Rayman, Dawn’s chief engineer and mission director at JPL. $15.

Riverside, CA, Sat., March 16

Join the Inland Empire Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics for the 21st Annual Walk with the Animals Fundraiser for Riverside Humane Society. Bring your dog, a donation, or just yourself! To join their team, Atheists for Animals, or to donate, click here.

San Diego, CA, Sat., March 16
San Francisco and Berkeley, CA, Sat. & Sun., March 16 & 17

Ed Buckner, former president of American Atheists and former executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, is speaking to the Bay Area Atheists / Agnostics / Humanists / Freethinkers / Skeptics on the on the historical roots of secularism in the US in San Francisco on Saturday and Berkeley on Sunday.

Colorado Springs, CO, Sat., March 16

Join the Freethinkers of Colorado Springs in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! They’ll have a float and be passing out candy. Family friendly event.

Denver, CO, Tues., March 19

Cafe Scientifique this Tuesday is on “ELIMINATE TB? We Should Have Re-Read Darwin First,” featuring professor of medicine Michael Iseman.



Salem, OR, Thurs., March 21

It’s Third Thursday “Meet a Scientist” time! This month’s focus is Climate Change, with meterology professor Don Ellingson.



Canberra, Sat., March 16

Social Skeptics Canberra are discussing “Communicating skepticism – pass or fail?” with Tim Mendham, journalist and executive officer and editor for Australian Skeptics Inc. Free.



Calgary, AB, Fri., March 15

CFI-Calgary is hosting a talk by Michael Shermer on “The Moral Arc of Science.”

Kelowna, BC, Wed., March 20

Join CFI-Okanagan for a screening of The Revisionaries, the documentary about the Texas School Board textbook debacle.



Dunedin, Fri., March 15

Dunedin Skeptics in the Pub are hosting a talk, “Thinking through Evolution,” with Lee Traynor, a lecturer in English for Science at the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.

Wellington, Monday, March 18

Wellington Skeptics in the Pub are having three speakers this Monday: Nat Janke-Gilman, “Prepare Your Windfarm for the Mayan Apocalypse! (or) What does a technical writer do for a living and how do you get that gig?”; Kevin Maloney, “Information Theory and Practice”; and Craig Stevens, “Ocean Turbulence—The Earth System Viewed from the Perspective of a




Sun., March 17: Join Central London Humanists for a talk by Steve Isle on “How Our World View Was Changed by the Enlightenment.”

Sun., March 17: This Sunday’s lecture at Conway Hall is on “Money, Austerity and the Financial Crisis,” with Ken McIntyre

Tues., March 19: Central London Humanists’ are hosting a book group with the author, featuring Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Maltreatment, by Janet Heimlich

Wed., March 20: Daniel Dennett is giving a talk on cultural evolution, sponsored by the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) and Forum for European Philosophy (FEP). Free.

Wed., March 20: CLH is hosting a talk at Conway Hall by Ahlam Akram,Why are Women’s Rights not Universal?” – A talk by Ahlam Akram


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