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AI: Prop 8 with a side of “Life”

Today, SCOTUS (that’s the Supreme Court of the US… and not to be confused with any male genitalia) heard testimony regarding Prop 8, the California amendment banning anything that is not good old fashioned opposite-sex marriage. And now they’re playing coy about the whole thing by not laughing with Roberts being all “Why the fuck are we even listening to this shit? This is America. Freedom, equality, and all that shiz. Yeah Prop 8 is fucking bullshit. Get it together, California, you stupid dickholes. OVERTURNED. GO HOME, PROP 8. YOU’RE DRUNK.”

So… now we just keep waiting. Because apparently real people waiting to be considered equal under the law is something we still do in 20 fucking 13.

Oh also today North Dakota bans all abortions sought by women who are pregnant enough to have a positive pregnancy test. So there’s other good news for people who hate everything about the world being a decent place to live.

Prop 8? North Dakota? What the hell? And how is this a thing? Discuss.

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  1. I have heard it suggested, and it seems quite plausible to me, that the recent spate of abortion restrictions being passed are attempts to get a challenge to Roe v Wade in front of the supreme court before Justice Scalia either retires or passes away

    1. Yes. “They” are certain that if a case can get all the way up to the top that the swing judges (namely Kennedy) will side with the anti-choice side and throw RvW right out the window.

  2. When you’re convinced that god almighty has given you your marching orders, why would you let a little thing like reason or respect for a differing point of view get in the way of your crusade?

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