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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Go ahead and read the comments in the woman kicker article,” they said! “It won’t make you want to hate humanity,” they said!

    1. “I’m sick and tired of all this women empowerment. The guys or people that support this are wimps. We need to put rules and regulations around women.”
      [head explodes]

    2. The dumbest thing about those comments is that they’re willfully blind.
      Anyone who watches american football knows that the kicker *always* sucks at tackling. There’s a good reason for this.
      a) kickers are expensive
      b) kickers are not trained to tackle because they’re expensive
      The most you’ll ever see a kicker do – except in very rare occasions – is sort of run alongside some opposing ball carrier in an attempt to slow him down just enough for someone who can actually make a tackle to catch up.
      So all the haters pretending that a woman kicker “not being able to handle the grind” is unusual are just bullshitting about the way all the male kickers are already doing it.

    3. One woman — ONE — takes advantage of a rule change that allows women to freaking try out and suddenly “all the standards are being lowered because women are whining about gender equality.” I like the dig at the Lingerie League, as if that failing somehow proves that women shouldn’t play football…. WTF is wrong with these people?

  2. Really? Yoga pants are SEXY now? I have a few pairs and I wear them, especially because I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with the laundry, but I never thought they were sexy. Lazy? Yes. Very lazy. AND COMFY.

    And are yoga pants really all *that* different from well-fitting jeans? My favorite pair of jeans is lighter, and has a closer fit, than my favorite pair of yoga pants, and therefore shows a lot more of my curves!

    1. I didn’t think anyone would be surprised that form fitting clothing would be attractive, but sometimes I myself am quite surprised by what people commonly find attractive. sexy seems like a bit of an extreme/odd word for it? dunno.

      a lot of people do find the butt shape to be attractive. if these yoga pants are the pants I remember seeing the other day, they sometimes appear to form fit the buttocks while walking (though I’m pretty sure there are different kinds of tight sports stretchy pants, dunno if they were yoga).

      I never think people know what they look like from behind, whether haircuts or pants. I actually imagine that some people (“shrinking violet” people, like me) would be a bit uncomfortable to discover something they liked to wear did that without their knowledge. but that’s me.

      the “alarm” of these men sorta reminded me of “the modesty survey”: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2012/06/worthwhile-reads-the-modesty-survey.html

      1. That is interesting. It would be cool to see something like surveying the general population.

        I don’t necessarily have a problem if people think yoga pants are inappropriate (same if they think, say, wearing a hat indoors is inappropriate) but the double standards and faulty reasoning are glaringly obvious. And some of the things those guys are saying about yoga pants makes it sound like they actually have a fetish which, like… that’s cool if that’s your thing but it doesn’t mean your whole world revolves around you now.

        I have a friend who used to talk to someone online who actually had a fetish about women straining to open jars. And she says that he was basically always talking to her about this, like she’d be trying to talk about her day and he’d be trying to get her to talk about opening jars (despite being married and significantly older). I like that the article gets into that men are saying that yoga pants are inappropriate *because they find it attractive/sexual* and not because they think form fitting clothing is inappropriate in general. If it was just the second there would be no reason to mention both things in the same conversation.

    2. They are sexy because they often have pretty ladies in them. I’m beginning to think that these men have a sexual attraction to women themselves, and that while the range of available clothing may vary in it’s ability to show skin or shape, ultimately there’s no set of clothing that is going to eliminate sexual attraction altogether.

      It looks like a lot of people may need to learn how to be polite to people they are sexually attracted to.

      On a personal note, I do find them attractive. I think it’s not just the fact that they are form fitting, but that women use them for yoga. That provides both a pleasant mental image and an indication of physical fitness and flexibility.

  3. I tried to post the NFL story to my facebook page. None of the thumbnails provided had anything to do with the story, and they were all ads of busty photoshopped models wearing sports gear….

    1. Never mind. I’ve figured it out! It’s Breviceps namaquensis, in case anyone else has a thing for herpetology like I do.

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