EVENTS This Week— Elyse Anders, Massimo Pigliucci + Darwin Day Events Around the World!

From Iowa City to Milan, Darwin Day celebrations are going on everywhere, all week long. From presentations, such as Massimo Pigliucci’s, and fossil hunts to hands-on lab work and phylogeny-inspired art, you have plenty of events and activities to naturally select from. And cake. Lots and lots of cake, including evolution-themed cake-baking contests.

If you’re anywhere near Dallas, don’t miss Elyse at the North Texas Secular Convention this weekend! She’s joined by Greta Christina, Matt Dillahunty, Mr. Deity, and more.


Events for Feb. 8–Feb. 14

Below are some highlights of events around the U.S. (listed by region), in Australia, Canada, Italy, and the UK. You can find a ton more going on all over the world in our events calendar.

Don’t see your area listed here or in the calendar? Shoot us an email, or let me know in the comments what area you are interested in.


Baltimore, MD, Sun., Feb. 10

Baltimore COR’s Darwin Month continues with a talk by Hugh Taft-Morales on “People, Animals and Beasts: Ethical Evolution.”

New York, NY, Sun., Feb. 10

The NYC Atheists brunch features Professor Daniel Greco on Philosophy of Religion. $20.

Pittsburgh, PA—Multiple

Wed., Feb. 13: The Center for Inquiry Pittsburgh is hosting a Darwin Day lecture, “Geology & Creationism,” with Pitt geology professor Charles Jones.
Thurs., Feb. 14: In celebration of Darwin Day, Duquesne University is hosting evolutionary ecologist Marlene Zuk to talk on “Sex and the Scala Naturae,” about our use (and misuse) of animal models.

Arlington, VA, Sat., Feb. 9

The National Science Foundation is hosting a free talk by neuroscientist and neuroethicist James Giordano on “Predictive Neuroscience: Facts, Fictions, and Fears of Scanning Brain.”

Lovettsville, VA, Sun., Feb. 10

Join NOVA Atheists at Saint James United Church of Christ to celebrate Evolution Sunday with a talk by atheists to the congregation.

Oakton, VA, Sun., Feb. 10

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax and Washington Area Secular Humanists are celebrating Darwin Day with a talk by Jerry Poje on “Evolution’s Evolution: Darwinians, Eugenicists and New Neo-Lamarkians.”
monarch cake


Huntsville, AL, Sun., Feb. 10

Join the North Alabama Freethought Association at Darwin’s Birthday Party, a family-friendly potluck fundraising event with door prizes and activities, including a dino egg hunt.

Sumiton, AL, Sat., Feb. 9

Celebrate Darwin Day with a Fossil Hunt! Greg Smith and the Alabama Paleontological Society have invited the Darwin’s Tavern group to go fossil hunting at the Union Chapel Mine.

Bradenton, FL, Wed., Feb. 13

The Suncoast Skeptics Think + Drink features Randall S. Wells, director of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program, talking about “Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Dolphins But Were Afraid To Ask.” Seating is limited.

Clearwater, FL, Sat., Feb. 9

The CFI Tampa/CoR Darwin Day Celebration at UU Clearwater features various speakers, exhibits, and displays, plus a box lunch, for $15.

Pensacola, FL—Multiple

Sat., Feb. 9: The United Coalition of Reason is hosting a Publicity & Media Relations Seminar for secular and grassroots groups.
Sat., Feb. 9: The Gulf Coast Freethinkers are having a Chili Cook-Off Beach House Extravaganza and Fundraiser. All proceeds will go to Humanists of West Florida.

Lexington, KY, Wed., Feb. 13

The Humanist Forum of Central Kentucky and the Kentucky Paleontological Society are celebrating Darwin Day with a talk by Daniel J. Phelps, “From Fins to Feet: The Fish to Tetrapod Transition.” Childcare for young children is provided and a talk for older kids, “Charles Darwin: The Man, the Myth, the Legend,” will be going on simultaneously.

Louisville, KY—Multiple

Sat., Feb. 9: Celebrate Darwin Day with the Louisville Area Skeptics and take part in a cake baking and decorating contest, kitchen sink science demonstrations, and a talk by Robert Bevins, of Kentuckians for Science Education, on “The Darwin We Don’t Know.”
Wed., Feb. 13: The LAS February Science Cafe features Deborah Finkel, psychologist and behavior geneticist, talking about “Twin Studies—People are Strange.”

Charleston, SC, Feb. 7–13

It’s Darwin Week in Charleston, with talks and events going on every day: “Zombie Ants and Disgusted Humans: Behavior in a World of Parasites,” with entomologist David Hughes; “Are Science and Faith Incompatible?” with Jerry Coyne and Lea Schweitz; “Myths of ‘Modern’ Human Origins,” with John Shea; and tons more.

Gray, TN, Sat, Feb. 9

The East Tennessee State University Natural History Museum Darwin Day celebration features various talks and activities for kids: “Darwin, the Bible, and Public Response to Evolution,” with Joseph Baker; “What’s in a Name?  Fifty Fun Ways to Name a Fossil,” with Mick Whitelaw; “Stellar Evolution and Its Impact on the Evolution of Life,” with Don Luttermoser; and much more.



Dallas, TX, Feb. 8–10

The second annual North Texas Secular Convention is this weekend at the University of Texas at Dallas. Go hear a ton of amazing speakers, including Elyse Anders, Greta Christina, Matt Dillahunty, Mr. Deity, and more.

Hurst, TX, Tue, Feb. 12

Derek Main, director of the Arlington Archosaur Site, is giving a Darwin Day presentation at Tarrant County College.


Iowa City, IA, Feb. 7–9

Iowa City Darwin Day features a series of talks by scientists on the theme “The Origins of Life on Earth” as well as evolution-themed poetry and phylogeny-inspired art.

Chicago, IL, Mon., Feb. 11

The Chicago Public Library is hosting a free talk by Neil Shubin, “The Universe Within.” Shubin and his colleague are known for their discovery of the fossil fish Tiktaalik roseae, a.k.a. fishapod.

Naperville, IL, Wed., Feb. 13

The Humanists of West Suburban Chicagoland are having a Darwin Day potluck with speaker Timothy Morris on “The Ethics and Politics of the New Reproductive Technologies.”

River Forest, IL, Sun., Feb. 10

Join the Chicago Skeptics and various other skeptic, secular, and humanist groups for a field trip to the Trailside Museum to celebrate Darwin’s birthday. Tons of activities for kids and for adults. Free!

Lenexa, KS, Fri., Feb. 8

Provocateurs and Peacemakers are hosting physics and astronomy professor Brian Thomas to talk about “The Big Bang: The Evidence.”

Coon Rapids, MN, Sat., Feb. 9

Pledge, join, or just go to watch Team Atheist do the Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. The plunge involves various team and individual challenges in ice-cold water. Join the MN Atheists this Saturday or check out future Polar Plunges around the state.

Brecksville, OH, Wed., Feb. 13

CFI Northeast Ohio is hosting a Darwin Day Program, “On the Heels of Dinosaurs & Creationists,” featuring paleontologist Glen Kuban.

Columbus, OH, Sat., Feb. 9

Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) are hosting a fundraiser this Saturday, Darwin Day Celebration For Science Education. Donate money or a science-themed book for the kids at Ronald McDonald House. Space is limited, so RSVP to attend.



Mesa, AZ, Sun., Feb. 10

The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix Sunday speaker is Bob McWhirter, past president of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, who will be giving part 1 of his three-part talk “Of Dogma and Desire: First Amendment.”



Hollywood, CA, Sun., Feb. 10

Join CFI-LA and other local freethought groups for “Planet without Apes,” a Darwin Day celebration and lecture by primatologist Craig Stanford. $8; $4 students; members free.

La Jolla, CA, Tues., Feb. 12

UC San Diego’s Science & Engineering Library is presenting a lecture by physicist Vivek Sharma, “The Hunt for the Higgs Boson.” Register here.

Riverside, CA, Wed., Feb. 13

The Inland Empire Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics are celebrating Darwin Day with Paul Zak, author of the Moral Molecule, about his findings related to oxytocin in human behavior. $5 or whatever you can afford.

San Diego, CA, Sun., Feb. 10

The San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics are having a Family-Friendly Darwin Day Birthday Celebration with the Dinosaur Guy, Richard Wade, giving an interactive presentation on “Last Days of the Dinosaurs.” Cake, ice cream, and free dinosaur coloring pages. $3 per person; $10 per family (max). Childcare will be available.

Santee, CA, Sat., Feb. 9

What better way to celebrate Darwin than with a visit to a creation museum? Join the Backyard Skeptics on this free field trip.

San Francisco, CA, Sun., Feb. 10

Rick Wilmot, former Seventh Day Adventist minister, is giving a presentation on how critical thinking led him to atheism. Hosted by Atheist Advocates of SF and the Clergy Project. $6

Denver, CO, Fri., Feb. 8

Denver’s new Secular Hub is hosting an open house with cash bar and food available for purchase, DJ and dancing later in the evening. RSVP.

Reno, NV, Sat, Feb. 9

The 3rd Annual Reno Darwin Day Celebration features lectures and discussions related to his work and scientific discoveries.

Orem, UT, Fri, Feb. 8

Utah Valley University is celebrating Darwin Day with a lecture by Professor Daniel J. Fairbanks, “Evolving: The Human Effect and Why It Matters.”

Salt Lake City, UT, Sat., Feb. 9

Salt Lake City Postmormons and Friends are celebrating Darwin Day with Humanists of Utah, starting with a screening of Creation: The Life of Charles Darwin, followed by a lecture by evolutionary biologist Alan Rogers, “Introduction to Evolutionary Science.”


Corvallis, OR, Mon., Feb. 11

This week’s OMSI Science Pub Corvallis is on “Extinction in Our Time: Why Should We Care if Frogs Disappear?” presented by zoologist Andrew Blaustein.

Portland, OR, Tues., Feb. 12

CFI Portland and the BIO student group at PSU are hosting a free talk by Massimo Pigliucci, “Evolution, Neuroscience, Philosophy and the Meaning of Life.” Stick around after for a piece of Darwin’s birthday cake.

Seattle, WA, Sun., Feb. 10

Seattle Atheists are hosting a family-friendly Darwin Day & Taste of Camp Quest. Evolution Raffle, Darwin Jeopardy, information about Camp Quest Northwest, snacks and cake, and a keynote by Jen McCreight!



East Melbourne, Tues., Feb. 12

Join the Melbourne Atheists for a Darwin Day barbecue followed by a lecture by Rick Barker, “Neanderthals, Denisovans, Hobbits and Homo-Sapiens: The Origin and Evolution of the Genus Homo.”



Lethbridge, AB, Fri, Feb. 8

The University of Lethbridge is celebrating Darwin Day with a lecture, “Charles Darwin, biogeography, and the descent of ideas,” by Dan Johnson, as well as announcing the winners of the Darwin Day Student Art Poster Contest, which will be on display through Feb. 14. U

Vancouver, BC, Feb. 8–17

Beaty Biodiversity Museum is hosting FestEVOLVE 2013: Celebrating Charles Darwin and the Evolution of Life. Puppet shows, evolution scavenger hunt, hands-on lab work, live DNA extraction demonstration, Bake a Cake for Darwin contest, programs on current biodiversity research and relationships among species, and more.

Regina, SK, Sat., Feb. 9

CFI Regina is celebrating Darwin Day with a screening of the film What Darwin Never Knew, followed by a presentation by Dr. Kerry Finlay and a Q&A. Free event.

Saskatoon, SK, Tues., Feb. 12

Join the University of Saskatchewan Freethought Alliance to celebrate Darwin Day with evolution presentations plus activities and cake!



MILAN, FEB. 8–10

Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano is have a weekend event, Evolution Day 2013, with lectures from scientists in a range of fields all focused on “Islands: Laboratory of Evolution.” Activities for families and kids on the 10th.



London, Thurs., Feb. 14

Soho Skeptics are hosting a talk by Adam Rutherford on “Synthetic Biology, Hip-Hop and the Law.”


Want to promote your skeptical, atheist, humanist, science, or just all-around geeky event or group on our events calendar? Click here to send us the details.


All images courtesy of Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

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