EVENTS This Week—Black Non-Believers’ Day of Solidarity, OH Secular Summit, Star Wars Aikido & MORE!

This Sunday is the 3rd Annual Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers, a day started by Donald Wright, author of The Only Prayer I’ll Ever Pray: Let My People Go. The idea is to encourage black atheists and humanists to create informal local events that have as few obstacles as possible for people of color to get together, largely to overcome the isolation and alienation people often feel in the broader community because of the various obstacles to full participation. Kimberly Veal, the chair for the Day of Solidarity National Committee, explains the event in more depth in her guest post on Greta Christina’s blog.

Also this weekend: the Ohio Secular Summit, Skepticamps in Fort Collins and in Ottawa, and one of a series of courses in learning Aikido moves and the connections between the Japanese martial art and Star Wars. I would cut off my own hand with a light saber to go to that one.

Events for Feb. 22–Feb. 28

Below are some highlights of events around the U.S. (listed by region), in Canada, and in the UK. You can find a ton more going on all over the world in our events calendar.

Don’t see your area listed here or in the calendar? Shoot us an email, or let me know in the comments what area you are interested in.



Washington, DC—Multiple

Sun., Feb. 24: African Americans for Humanism-DC (AAH-DC) are getting together to celebrate the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers at the Austin Grill.
Sun., Feb. 24: CFI–DC Secular Family Network is going ice skating at Canal Park. Mention you’re a member to get discounted skate rental.

New York, NY, Sun., Feb. 24

CFI-NY is hosting a Day of Solidarity event with a focus on career diversity in the secular community. Free event that is open to all. Afterward, some people are going out to dinner and then to the Vagina Monologues benefit.

Philadelphia, PA, Sun., Feb. 24

Philadelphia Atheists are hosting a talk by Ellery Schempp, “Bible in Public Schools: 50 Years Later,” focused on the 1956 trial Abington School District v. Schempp, involving Ellery’s father Edward Schempp. Mary Catherine Roper from the ACLU-PA, Margaret Downey of the Freethought Society, and Janice Rael of Delaware Valley Americans United for Separation of Church and State will also be speaking.

Norfolk, VA, Sat., Feb. 23

Join Southeastern Virginia Skeptics at a Relay for Life Silent Auction, with a comedian, raffle, food, chair massages, and more in addition to the auction itself. $20 in advance; $25 at the door.



Orlando, FL, Sun., Feb. 24

The Black Nonbelievers of Metro Orlando are getting together to celebrate the Day of Solidarity, which is also the anniversary of the group’s first meetup.

Asheville, NC, Fri., Feb. 22

Join the Ashville Skeptics at the How We Identify event, an art and spoken word event celebrating the spectrum of queer identity and experience. Sponsored by Just Us For All (JUFA). $5 donation.

Charleston, SC, Sat., Feb. 23

Bring your elementary-aged kids to Reptile and Amphibian Adaptations interactive day, with Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry. H/t to Charles Darwin for inspiring this one.



New Orleans, LA, Fri., Feb. 22

Atheist activist Dan Barker, former evangelical preacher, is giving a talk on “Morality, What’s God Got to Do With It?” sponsored by NOSHA.

Edmond, OK, Sat., Feb. 23

Oklahoma Atheists are getting together with their kids at Unpluggits Playstudio, which has all kinds of crafts, a dress-up area, a play structure, and a place for the adults to hang while the kids go nuts.

Austin, TX, Fri., Feb. 22

This month’s ESI Hot Science Cool Talks theme is “Environmental Justice: Progress towards Sustainability,” presented by public affairs dean Robert D. Bullard, the “father of environmental justice.” These talks are geared toward K–12 educators and the community and start with pre-lecture activities.

Corpus Christi, TX, Sat., Feb. 23

Join the Corpus Christi Atheists for a Coalition of Reason seminar by Fred Edwords: “How to Get Media Attention and Promote Your Group.”

Richardson, TX, Wed., Feb. 27

The Fellowship of Freethought is hosting a talk by science advisor and writer Greg Bear on “Doctors on the Front Lines: Adjusting Patient Care in an Age of Changing Paradigms.”



Chicago, IL, Sun., Feb. 24

Join the Secular Events in Chicago group to hear a talk by South African apartheid activist Gerhard Schutte on “Confusion and Distortions in Thinking about ‘Race’ in a Diverse Society.”

Minneapolis, MN, Tues., Feb. 26

Geek Physique is hosting Star Wars Aikido, a Shuharikan Dojo course series that teaches basic Aikido moves and explores how they have influenced various elements and characters in Star Wars.

Akron, OH, Mon., Feb. 25

The Secular Student Alliance is hosting August Berkshire, president of Minnesota Atheists, who will be speaking on “Atheism, Determinism, Ethics, and Evolution.”

Columbus, OH, Sun., Feb. 24, to Mon., Feb. 25

This weekend is the CFI-Northeast Ohio Secular Summit, a totally free conference with several speakers as well as chances to meet in person with state legislators. Registration is required so they know how many to expect.



Mesa, AZ, Sun., Feb. 24

Part 2 of Bob McWhirter’s talk, “Of Dogma and Desire: First Amendment,” is this Sunday at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (HSGP)



Oakland, CA, Sun., Feb. 24

The Bay Area Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Freethinkers, and Skeptics are celebrating Darwin Day this Sunday with a potluck dinner and speakers: Nobel physicist George Smoot, Peter Hess of the National Center for Science Education, and evolutionary biologist David Seaborg, who will all speak dressed as and impersonating Darwin.

Villa Park, CA, Fri., Feb. 22

The Backyard Skeptics are hosting American Atheists president David Silverman, who will talk about “In Defense of Firebrand Atheism,” followed by dinner and drinks. Voluntary $8. The next evening, Silverman will be joining the Backyard Skeptics for a Dueling Piano Bar Happy Hour.

Colorado Springs, CO, Wed., Feb. 27

The Freethinkers of Colorado Springs are hosting a event on “Exploring Religious Agendas in Public Schools,” with a panel including Katherine Stewart, Richard Dawkins, and more.

Denver, CO, Tues., Feb. 26

Join the Feminism is Alive in Denver group to hear a talk by “Feminist rock star” Caitlin Moran on her book How to Be a Woman.

Fort Collins, CO, Sat., Feb. 23

The Fort Collins, Colorado, Skepticamp is this weekend! You can still sign up to go.

Salt Lake City, UT, Sat., Feb. 23

Atheists of Utah–Ogden Sect are having their 2013 Winter Gala and Fundraiser, with food, music, and dancing, followed by more dancing, drinking, and cake at the after party. Tickets are $60, $45 for current AofU members, or $15 for just the after party.



Portland, OR, Sat., Feb. 23

Skeptics 20s-30s is getting together for Karaoke! Skeptics style at Chopsticks II. Singing is not required, but you’ll need to RSVP and show up before 9.

Seattle, WA, Mon., Feb. 25

The Seattle Brainiacs are getting together for a Science On Tap presentation by Jonathan Himmelfarb, director of the UW Kidney Research Institute, on “Kidney on a Chip—Cybernetics at the UW.”



Ottawa, ON, Sun., Feb. 24

Skepticamp Ottawa 2013 is this Sunday. Register and see the list of talks here.



London, Sun., Feb. 24

This Sunday’s Conway Hall lecture is by John Sweeney, BBC journalist and Scientology investigator, talking on “Oh! Scientology! Church Of Fear.” £3 on the door/free to members.

Richmond, Mon., Feb. 25

The SW London Humanists are hosting a talk by Evan Harris, vice president of the British Humanist Association.
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