ICYMI: January 13 – January 19 on the Skepchick Network

Good morning! How goes it, Internet? I bet you’re just itchin’ for last week’s highlights, right? Ok, ok. I’ll stop yapping. Here they are.

Teen Skepchick

You’re a Militant Atheist! (lolwhut)
Lux embraces what is meant to be a pejorative term.

Graphs for this Flu Season for the Data Curious
Are reports of the flu greatly exaggerated? Vy looks into the data to find out.

Branching Out
Olivia encourages secular groups to get out of the pub and into the community.

Mad Art Lab

A Clockwork “A Clockwork Orange” Orange
Steve makes a literal clockwork orange.

Making Keys with MaKey MaKey!
Four words: Mexican sweet bread piano.

Voice of Art – Migration is Beautiful
Artists need to be on the front line of social change.


Movies That Molded Your Young Mind (en español)
Some people try to ban movies because of their controversial subjects, but there are lots of movies that can inspire people to become critical thinkers that escape the wannabe-banner’s radar.

Movies and Women, part 2 (en español)
Last week Deemonita talked about terrible female roles in movies from 2012. This week, she brings us the kick-ass female roles.


AI: Identity, Attachment, Pride
What part of your identity means the most to you?

My Vagina Says “______”
Having female sex organs say something about you. But nothing that actually matters.

Myths and Misconceptions about Bisexuality (Or, “What Not to Say to Your Bisexual Acquaintances”): Part 1
Don’t get caught spouting ignorance at your bisexual friends.

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