EVENT! Atheists & Secular Humanists Caroling for Sandy Relief

The New York City Center for Inquiry is getting atheists and secular humanists together this Sunday for a rather unusual fundraising event—singing Christmas carols in Washington Square Park to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Every penny raised will go to New York Cares.

The idea is that many atheists still enjoy various traditions, regardless of their religious origins—baking cookies, decorating, singing, and so forth. So why not get together with fellow heathens and have some fun while raising money for people in need at the same time?

When: December 16, 2012, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where: Washington Square Park

You can find out more information, including links to the carols, on the CFI–NYC event page.


Featured image by emily balsley.

Melanie Mallon

Melanie is a freelance editor and writer living in a small town outside Minneapolis with her husband, two kids, dog, and two cats. When not making fun of bad charts or running the Uncensorship Project, she spends her time wrangling commas, making colon jokes, and putting out random dumpster fires. You can find her on Twitter as @MelMall, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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  1. Melanie,

    I hope they’re able to raise enough money to make a difference. The victims of hurricane Sandy need all the help they can get. I wish them luck.

  2. How cool. I was just wondering the other day how atheists feel about carols. As someone who’s secular (but not humanist) I adore carols. I wonder if they will include the lyrics with the mention of God or Jesus.

    Personally I consider this tradition, from a very long time ago when ther was not as much awareness. So I imagine it in the context of historical events. The lyrics to those songs are filled with love and have amazing melodies.

    That said there are probably some wiccan yule or other culture’s holiday tunes to consider as well. Of course any tree or Santa parables originated with the pagans anyway…..

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