ICYMI: November 4 – November 10 on the Skepchick Network

It was a wild weekend at SkeptiCon. But never fear. I have still managed to read and compile some of the Skepchick Network hits from last week. Enjoy. I’m gonna go pass out.

Teen Skepchick

Sexism: Scaring Away the Good Ones
Vy argues that sexism in the skeptic movement is scaring away young people.

Gender v. Sex: Important Distinction
Lux explains the difference between gender and sex, and why those distinctions are important.

Gender and Language
Olivia warns that, when it comes to gender, language can be a sticky wicket.

Mad Art Lab

Twins: Psychics or Sidekicks, Part 1
Gigi answers some common questions about twins.

BBC Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
Katie reviews the BBC documentary on the inner workings of the cell.

Happy Birthday Carl
Death by Puppets celebrates Sagan Day.


Why Do They Call it Meridian When They Mean Axon? (en español)
How acupuncture works differently than how acupuncturists think it does.

Atheism from 1903 (en español)
A 23-year-old mother of four writes a letter explaining why she’s an atheist. Sadly, almost 110 years later her words still sound revolutionary.

Soldiers and Hippies (en español)
The legacy of wars and counterculture in modern-day consumer woo.


AI: The Delight of Learning
When was the last time a concept clicked in your brain?

What’s Next?
Will wonders what’s next for LGBT activism.

AI: Art for Equality
Do you have any examples of art being used for good?

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One Comment

  1. Good one on LGBT activism.
    Basically, it seems to call for even more expansive rights and efforts. Let’s make it happen!
    And I like the description of how the people basically gave the Right a big “F you!” Love it!

    On a side note, I do have to say though that at least one activist for LGBT has fallen out of favor with me, for totally unrelated reasons to her work.

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