ICYMI: November 18 – November 24 on the Skepchick Network

It’s the Monday after a four-day weekend for many in the United States, including me. Ugh. Why don’t you take the edge off by checking out these highlights from the Skepchick Network?

Teen Skepchick

Irrationality and Emotions
Olivia argues that skeptics ignore emotions at our peril.

Silence: Daring to Criticize Theta Healing
Critics of this unbelievable scam have been silenced through lawsuits.

Eating Disorders: Shapes and Sizes
There are more eating disorders than anorexia and bulimia.

Mad Art Lab

“Jude, Get Down from There!”: Out of Body and Near Death Experiences
Gigi explains near-death and out-of-body experiences through her daughter’s dream.

Down with Fake Nerds (A Rallying Cry for Real Geeks.)
Fake nerd boys are the scourge of nerdom, argues Emily.


Standing Eggs (en español)
Deemonita tries to understand how someone came up with the (false) idea that you can only stand eggs on the equinox.

Chewacca and the Menstrual Cycle (en español)
Are there better days of the month to shave your legs?

Spanish Inquisition: Talk to your Doctor? (en español)
What do you do when a doctor suggests a woo treatment?


AI: Gratitude without God
How do you express gratitude?

AI: Call Me Kuchu (LGBTQ* Rights in Uganda)
What do you think of the world’s response to Uganda’s violation of LGBTQ* rights?

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  1. The article on eating disorders was great and very helpful.

    I’m pretty sure, after reading the article, that I have BED, matching most of those features.

    I hope there will be articles appearing that have suggestions for treatment.

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