ICYMI: October 21-October 27 on the Skepchick Network

I hope you’re happy. You missed an entire week of sweet, sweet posts on the Skepchick Network. But it’s not too late. Check out these stunners I’ve compiled for you. You won’t be sorry.

Teen Skepchick

Eating Disorder Experiences: Where Did It Come From
Olivia tries to sum up her experience with an eating disorder.

Preparing for the Worst
Ine looks at some of the crackpot doomsday scenarios that feature on the National Geographic Channel.

Eating Disorders: Being Fat
Katie tells the story of how she beat one eating disorder…and developed another one.

Mad Art Lab

Italian Scientists Convicted for Earthquake Damage, and the Failure of Science Communication
Elfinn explains why effective science communication is so important.

Real Nerds Only: A Beginner’s Guide to Gaming Venues
Ryan gives an overview of the types of gamers that can make it hard on newcomers.

“Science” Determines the Best Songs for Doing It
Smashley mocks the top 3 songs for gettin’ it on.


Epileptic Possession (en español)
On how epileptic convulsions were mistaken for demonic possessions through the ages.

Girl, Interrupted (en español)
Society expects young girls to conform to the norm, the cases of Malala and Amanda Todd.

No, Mariló (en español)
Daurmith’s  answer to a TV presenter who said in her (publicly funded) program that she’s glad a killer can’t donate organs because it’s not scientifically proven that the soul is not transplanted along with the organs.


AI: Everyday’s Little Prejudices
Have you ever been discriminated against based on your apparent gender? How did you deal with it.

AI: Wearing Your Pride
Do you, literally, wear your sexuality on your sleeve?

Queer History: October
Learn about queer history for LGBT history month.

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