ICYMI: September 16 – September 22 on the Skepchick Network

Happy Monday! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you! Well here’s a little gift to get your week started off right. Have a great day!

Teen Skepchick

The Origins of Vertebrates Part 2: Acting Like Animals
Our ancestors go multi-cellular!

Ine explains how to spot a scam.

Interview with Sasquatch, Part 1
Eat your heart out, National Enquirer! Teen Skepchick has a Sasquatch exclusive.

Mad Art Lab

Jordan Eagles :: Blood Works at the International Museum of Surgical Science
Katie recounts her visit to a bloody good art exhibit.

Genetics in Game of Thrones: Blood of the Dragon
How did the special connection to dragons stay within one family?

Brochure/Poster/Hat – The Challengening
Steve D responds to a Twitter challenge.


Luminiferous Ether (en español)
Whatever scientific concepts we might have all wrong, only science will eventually correct them.

Real Animals, Magical Fears (en español)
Humans are right to fear some animals, but some of the fears are pretty irrational.

I Started with 10 Dogs… (en español)
To tell if a scientific study is sound, start with the methodology.


Everyone in the Crowd Knew You Were a Lesbian
Yessenia tells her tale of confrontation with a few street preachers.

Honda Civic, a Love Story
Benny’s homage to one of the loves of his life.

Not a Funny Joke
Benny comes face to face with sexist remarks and does his best to counter them.

Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons


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