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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The doctor mentioned in the article about Obstetric Fistula, L. Lewis Wall, will be honored by the Ethical Society of St. Louis as the Ethical Humanist of the Year on September 20: http://www.ethicalstl.org/currentNews.pdf (that link will redirect to a different file by the end of September, so it has a shelf life).

    If you’re in the St. Louis area, please stop by to help thank Dr. Wall for the good work he is doing to improve the dignity of women in the third world.

  2. While the piece on Mahaboula’s ordeal focussed on physical health, cultural causes were major contributing factors. This is a far more complex problem to address than going into a village and adminstering vaccines and antibiotics.

    Obstetric fistula may be easy to treat from a medical perspective, but prevention in such extreme poverty is another matter. That poverty may well have been the imperative that motivated arranging her marriage at such a young age, which is what started that ugly ball rolling.

  3. The reviews on Amazon for the pens are hilarious. At least the ones about the little brother turning into a unicorn and one about a total change in drawing style. :-) :-) You know the rule about never reading the comments? Read the comments!

  4. I have a lesbian marketed hammer somewhere. It’s blue to appeal to women that want a women’s hammer, but don’t want a feminine pink hammer. I bought it at some gay pride event.

  5. Funny stuff on those pens.

    And the remakes of Disney characters looks like stuff you’d find on DeviantArt.

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