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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Christian college suing over birth control mandate didn’t realize it already covered contraception”

    OR they realized it but tried to hide it or act like they didn’t know or something like that. I guess that when something is out of the public spotlight it’s ok since there are less crazy conservative American parents bugging them with their beliefs about certain things etc. I could be wrong, these things don’t happen here in Europe so i don’t understand them very well. :P

    1. Good to meet a fellow European. Norwegian here, and I can never remember birth control being in anyway controversial here.

      On second thought we did have Børre Knudsen and Ludvig Nessa, but haven’t heard from either of them since the eighties, so I hope that means they’ve made peace with the issue.

      1. Intesting. Reading up on the issue, I find that Nessa is now a strong opponent of Islam and its influence on Norwegian society. He seems to go with the times.

  2. Ah, damn it. I thought you were talking about FOOTBALL not that lame-o American Football thing..

      1. I have thought about doing it but my Vegan blog has morphed into a vegan-feminist-skeptic-everything-blog and takes so much time. This and university. And work. And illness And life… And… well. Everything.

  3. Yeah it’s a shame how “psychic” has been so misconstrued to mean ridiculous things, when actually it just means channeling energy and reading your pet’s mind.

  4. Within the Skepchick Quickies you rarely miss the opportunity to link to a woman’s contribution who reports sexism or harassment she experienced particularly in relation to IT. But when two young women talk about them being slut-shamed and harassed by some feminists there is no mention of it.


    I wonder why?

    1. Really?

      Because no one sent us any links to posts about it. And as much as we all love trawling the internetz for links to post, Mary and I do have lives so are unable to read everything ever that might make a good quickie.

      And I, personally, am not a techie. Therefore, I’m not up on techie news.

      And though you seem to be trying to insinuate otherwise, we have covered how slut-shaming and body-policing by other women is a problem within skepticism before. The first one that comes to mind is this post about TAM7. There’s more, but again, I don’t have time to do this for you.

      So if you have links like that send them in using the handy contact button right underneath our logo at the top of the page. They may or may not get posted for any number of reasons, none of which are that we’re a vast feminist conspiracy who are trying to convince the world that only men can be jerks.

    2. Too many loaded assumptions in that post. My head is spinning.

      anon, try at least giving someone a chance to respond before you impute malicious motives and/or nefarious behavior onto them. You’ll look like less of a jerk.

    3. Those links are bizarre. They are women who reject the label feminism and then go on to express all its ideas. Ladies, if you’re saying you want to be treated like an individual irrespective of your sex or how you choose to instantiate it, that’s feminism.

      1. Among the three, only Pixel specifically rejects the label ‘feminist’. Endsley is merely criticizing the words and behavior of a particular group of geek feminists and doesn’t really say much about the broader label or movement. Nice Girl is a self-declared feminist.

        For the record, I do think it’s possible to create a contradiction in terms by acting or writing in a way that fulfills the requirements of a definition while denying the associated word or label. This is probably more common than people realize…

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