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I’m happy y’all are finally hopping back on the COTW bandwagon! Lots of nominations this week, so let’s get to the winners!

The out-of-context, Honorable Mention from the Archives goes waaaaaaaay back, to 2008, when MasalaSkeptic said this:

I would like to submit the entire RatBot-Cat-o-tron-MechaDogZilla comments thread for joint COTW. Awesome.

Click the link to read the thread
, sure, but that comment in itself is HMftA worthy in my book.


The COTW goes to banyan, for the multiple-nominee regarding Amanda’s psychic kids class Quickie:

Yeah it’s a shame how “psychic” has been so misconstrued to mean ridiculous things, when actually it just means channeling energy and reading your pet’s mind.

Thanks to Skepchick alum Jill Powell for the sweet COTW art!

Remember to nominate your favorite comments by replying with a “COTW”.   I hope you all have a swell weekend!


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  1. Sigh. Reading the thread from 2008 made me realize how much I miss some of the posters who’ve don’t (or hardly ever) show up anymore: Improbable Bee, Expatria, Peregrine, LOLKate, MarlowePI. Even Rystefn, that rat bastard, before he went off the rails with that horrific faked death scene.

    Ah, those were the good old days. Now I totally feel like an old man.

    Hey, you punks, get off my lawn!

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