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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Amanda,

    The people who put that “death of evidence” protest together did something really creative to get their message out. I don’t know how effective it will be however. I do hope they are able to get more funding for scientific research and get the Canadian government, to re open what sounds like some very important agencies.

        1. Thanks for the link.

          And that really does suck. I think the tale should be featured here on Skepchick.

          Legal action ought to be taken by Laci as well.
          This is just bullshit, plain and simple.

          Of course, I also think the people that make such threats are cowardly trolls that couldn’t even stand up to a breeze.

  2. The stuntwoman doubling for Uma Thurman is Zoe from “Deathproof” (part of _Grindhouse_).

    I once heard an interview on NPR with a stuntwoman who had been let go from the set of _The Bionic Woman_ because she was too buxom to pass for Lindsey Wagner, but was referred to _Wonder Woman_ instead. Possibly the stuntwoman in the photo in the article. Anyway, she said that as she got older, there were fewer parts for older stuntwomen but even fewer older stuntwomen, so she had been able to stay in the business as long as she liked. I hope the reason there were fewer older stuntwomen was retirement rather than casualties. It sounds like the kind of job that can be a fun way to make fast money when you are young, but not a good long term career path.

    How old are the Hermoines? If something is too dangerous for your 17 year old star, then it is too dangerous for a substitute 17 year old, IMHO.

    Supposedly, if you freeze-frame the scene in which Buttercup and Wesley roll down the hill into the ravine in _The Princess Bride_, you can see that “Buttercup” is sporting a few days worth of beard.

  3. That’s funny to see the herd of Hermoines.

    Weird knews on the graphene.
    Be neat to see what we can do with such a property.

  4. Guess what sizes outdoor companies don’t like to make…? The bias is toward long-legged, petite, small-breasted and -hipped women who wear a size 4. Granted, there are some companies (who shall remain nameless) that sell clothes up to a women’s size 20. But that doesn’t help if you’re still going off of a smaller model with skinny thighs. The rest of us have to make do with men’s clothing, which doesn’t fit well. This is a problem if your comfort and even safety rely on an item of clothing performing well in extreme conditions. I also hear a lot of complaints from women who do wear plus sizes that they never see any women their size cycling, hiking, or backpacking. Of course not! None of us can find any clothing to wear while doing said activities! I don’t like wearing men’s shorts, they tend to bag around the crotch, but I don’t want to wear shorts with a 2″ inseam either… My point is, it’s not just the Olympics, it’s the entire sportswear industry. If you’re a guy, you can get 2X, 3X, on up, and no one says a word. If you’re a woman, good luck finding a large. Apparently, women are only allowed to exercise if they are thin, and good-looking. The plus-sized clothing doesn’t fit, so no one buys it, so they say “there’s no market!” and fling their hands up. There are one or two clothing companies that specifically manufacture technical gear for plus-size women, but what about those of us in the middle? The size 10, 12, 14, and 16? We may still not fit the 1X, 2X, or 3X of plus-size specific clothing, but we’re still too big for most of the clothing designs of the other manufacturers. In any case, I applaud the fact that she is bringing attention to the serious inadequacy of sports clothing for women. Now if someone could just make a sports bra for over a C-cup that didn’t feel like it was built, rather than sewn…

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