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Man Skepchick’s been a good place to read this week.  I do enjoy my new COTW responsibilities, as it means I’m reading more closely than ever.  You people are swell.

The out-of-context, Honorable Mention from the Archives is shared this week by Discordian Stooge and Zapski:

DS: This cannot be a coincidence. Oh, no … IT’S A TRAP!

Z: What the hell’s an ‘Aluminum Falcon?’


The COTW goes to kenbakermn, for his response to the Quickie mention regarding British Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith’s hater smackdown:

If I decided I wanted to go all redneck and start trash talking someone, an olympic weightlifter would not be my first choice.


Oh! Thanks to Skepchick alum Jill Powell for the sweet new COTW art!

Remember to nominate your favorite comments by replying with a “COTW”.   I hope you have a full-of-ice-cream weekend!


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  1. //What the hell’s an ‘Aluminum Falcon?’//

    This was ripped off from Robot Chicken. Which is perfectly okay since all humor today can find it’s origin in Robot Chicken.

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