Surly Women Grants Round THREE

You guys! I’m am proud to announce that I have raised enough money to send another group of women to TAM this year. This brings the total number of grants awarded so far up to EIGHTEEN! This also means I have officially beat last years record. WOOOOOT!

Want to know how to get more women involved in science and skepticism? Just start helping them to get involved.

Stop wining on your podcasts, trolling us on the internet or denying that problems exist and just start helping people. Yeah, you know who you are. Don’t worry, it’s fine, we will forgive your past if you’ve just decided you want to help make an actual difference now. Some of you take time to understand an issue and we all make mistakes so it’s ok by me if you want to finally step up now. Helping is good and is always welcome. It’s what I am doing and LOOK! It’s working.

Seriously, imagine if we all worked together on projects like this one. OR, if even half the energy used to type how awful so-and-so Skepchick is on Facebook was instead used to actually assist people to get involved in our events.

Go on, imagine it.

It would be awesome.

We could have things like, fun and respect for one another. We could have empathy and understanding of issues that we could then share with the public. Maybe we could even have progress. At the very least we could have equal representation of both men and women at our events. What a wonderful, enlightened science-filled future it could be! Ah, to dream!

Thanks to those of you who are already helping with this project. You also know who you are and you ROCK.

I know you want to meet this latest batch of amazing ladies so allow me to introduce you a small slice of the pie that is, the future of skepticism!

Sheree Ko is currently attending CSULA and will be walking on June 15, 2012. She will be finsihed with her Bachelors of science degree in Health science/public health with an option in community health by the end of summer. She is considering on continuing with her Masters degree or going back to school to get her LVN. This is her first time being introduced to the topic of skepticism. She is grateful to be given this opportunity to attend this meeting, network with people, learn something new, and hope to share what she learns from this meeting with others.

Tawnya Mendosa is attending college as a math major working her way towards California State University Stanislaus where she will double up on the single subjects and end up teaching math and science (go geology!) to high schoolers. Her main goal is to teach critical thinking. She spends her spare time making paper art. She enjoys long walks on the sidewalk with my rescue beagle Trigger and any food that you know you shouldn’t be eating. Her absolute favorite thing is learning, and she hopes to pass that on to my future students. She is excited to go to TAM! and find teachers, since I feel like they have so much to offer not only the world at large, but skepticism in particular.

Taylor Proctor is a remediation geologist in the public-sector, where she works on projects to clean up environmental contamination. She has a bachelors degree in geology and a minor in chemistry, and is very interested in water quality and environmental chemistry. She has been involved with the local Atlanta Skeptics group since 2008. Her interests include but are not limited to ponies, supervolcanoes, and rock n’ roll concerts. She is really excited to get to attend TAM with all the other surly ladies!

Sarah Moglia works for the Secular Student Alliance as their Event Specialist. She got into the atheist and skeptic community after studying abroad in South Africa and realizing that life was a lot different than she had experienced growing up in the Midwest. After facing serious pushback from starting a Secular Student Alliance group at her college in small-town Iowa, she decided to dedicate even more of her time to the skeptic and atheist community. In her free time, she likes to play video games, watch ducks at the park, pretend to be a dinosaur, and read. This is her first TAM, and she looks forward to meeting other rationally-minded people.

Kathryn Saloom is finishing her degree in International Relations (focus in cultural anthropology and regional politics) at Boston University after taking a few years off to travel and work. She is minoring in both Spanish and Women’s/Gender Studies. She is interested in the role religion plays in women’s access to safe reproductive care in indigenous communities in Latin America. She also currently works in the operations department for the Governor of MA . She enjoys learning new languages, traveling, trying new foods and skepticism. Says Kathryn, “I suppose I am new to the skeptic community, but I’ve always been “skeptical” and am thrilled that the Surly Amy grant is allowing this broke student to attend TAM for the first time.”

What a fantastic group of women! I can’t wait to meet you all in Vegas!

I still have a lot of apps from wonderful women. If you would like to donate or apply the info is here but please hurry time is running out!


Surly Amy


Amy Roth

Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia, science-loving artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and is currently in love with pottery. Daily maker of art and leader of Mad Art Lab. Support her on Patreon. Tip Jar is here.

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  1. Every last one of your grant recipients sounds so awesome I wish I was going so I could meet them all! Congrats to them and to you, Amy, for all you do to help this community. You rock!

  2. More awesome ladies!

    It is truly unbelievable that EIGHTEEN women are being supported by this program. It’s clear that a lot of people in the community care about seeing more women be involved. Amy, you are a rock star for doing this!

  3. I’m delighted that one of the awesome students in my “Healthy Skepticism” course is one of the recipients. Thanks Amy!

    By the way, 20 out of 23 students in my course are women.

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