Skepchick Quickies 6.26


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. ‘”If it closes that clinic,” Gov. Phil Bryant was quoted as saying during the bill-signing ceremony, “then so be it.” Mississippi would then be the only state with no abortion clinic.’ — they really do like being tops in a lot of awful categories in Mississippi, don’t they?

    1. That comment is pretty telling, I think.

      Also telling is the fact that they are far, far, far, far stricter on their laws and regulations for abortions than they are actual birth.

      1. Well, they need more impoverished, undernourished babies to subdue the Earth or some other theocratic nonsense I guess.

  2. That mauling of entanglement made me cry. Otherwise the holistic computer page is hilarious.

  3. Researchers create a new male contraceptive that you apply like lotion

    I could see how this would work nearly 100% of the time if correctly applied. The correct application would take both hands, time, some sweet talk, a gentle touch, maybe a little Barry White…

    1. My thought exactly. Maybe not *both* hands, though:

      “I am so mad at Farrah Fawcett-Majors. She is so conceited. She has never called me once. And after the hours I’ve spent holding up her poster with one hand”

      -S. Martin (Of course)

  4. As somebody on i09 put it, without proof of Nessie, you can’t use Nessie as proof of anything else.

    1. That’s an excellent point, I thought of that myself. Its clearly another major creationist fail. If there was anything wrong with Evolution, they could do much better than that, plus why would proving nessie’s assistance disprove evolution?

      1. It wouldn’t, but it’s a common delusion in the creationist camps that it would. A large number of the current cryptozoologists are in fact creationists who believe they can prove evolution is false if they prove the existance of nessie/ bigfoot/ yeti/ etc.

  5. Amanda,

    Glad you liked the story I sent you enough post it here. I’m amazed that another person sent you something about the same story.

  6. When I was in college I practiced Holistic Computer Medicine. It was a running joke I did, I knew what I was actually doing, but most of the time if I talked about the actual computer hardware or software no one understood anyway so I would just make crazy crap up about the phases of the moon affecting hard-drive failure rates. I got more than one person to really believe me.

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