ICYMI: June 17-June 23 on the Skepchick Network

I know you’re busy, but you missed so much last week. For realz. We’ve got superheroes, gummy bears, and…SCIENCE! Don’t worry. I’ve compiled some of the best posts of the week for you to peruse at your leisure. You’ll love it.

Teen Skepchick

“I’ll Never Use It Again:” A Phrase that Makes Me Sad.
Alyssa explains why a well-rounded science education is useful to liberal arts students.

Men are Our Friends
Beccy has a problem with masculine stereotypes.

Science: It’s Just a Thing. Not a Girl Thing
Vy’s take on the very pink attempt to get girls involved in science in Europe.

Mad Art Lab

Power Girl’s Jet Intake
Ryan examines how Power Girl’s power of flight would be effected by her cleavage.

In Defense of Instagram
Chebutykin defends smart phone cameras.

On Playing Well with Others
Gamers have an asshat problem. You can help fix it.

Skepchick SE

The Right Kind of Objectification (på svenska)
Charmkvark argues that it’s not cool to trade one form of objectification for another.


Beware of Relativists (en español)
How can you argue with someone with ideas as solid as The Blob? Juan Camilo has a few pointers.

Love From the Heart (en español)
Where did the notion that feelings come from the heart and thoughts from the brain come from?

Happy Hour (en español)
A little experiment with gummy bears an osmosis.


What If Everyone Did That?
Yessenia on harassment at conferences.

On “Passing”
Benny explains why “complimenting” someone for looking cisgendered isn’t a compliment at all.

The Big Tickets
Cheyenne explores the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion that pop up at large gatherings.

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