Comment of the Week: It’s baaaaaack!

That’s right, we’re bringing COTW back. I’m picking the winner this week, because I can, but moving on from here, you can nominate your comment o’ the week by replying to the comment (using the little arrow next to the post) and writing “COTW” somewhere in your response!

Sifting through all of the comments by my lonesome this week was … not terribly difficult at all.  But picking a winner? Totally hard. Please don’t make me do it on my own anymore.

Nonetheless, here is this week’s winner, from Elyse’s Psychology Today Blogger Marty Klein: Your Facts Are Irrelevant, Woman post:

From LOLologies:

Monday, brought to you by the letter CONTEXT.


I feel like I need to take to my design skillz soon and make a flow chart for this shit.


For a topic that made me feel crappy, LOLogies made me gaffaw (gaffaw?) at my screen.

Happy Friday, everyone!


A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. YES. I won and I didn’t even know I was trying to win!

    But seriously, I’m actually thinking about making a “Proposition flow chart”.

    1. See? You do it for the love of the game, and win big anyway. It’s like twice the prize!

  2. Well a comment I have is that the whole discussion about using crotch instead of bitch inspired myself and my girlfriend. We both couldn’t stop using bitch, but instead of using Motherfucker, we have started making strict use of Unclefucker instead.

    P.S. She says she unclefucking loves this blog and is considering emerging from the lurker dungeon.

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