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SkepchickCon Psychic Challenge FINAL ROUND

This is it! It’s time for the final round of the SkepchickCON 2012 Psychic challenge. And I’ve added a prize to sweeten the pot!

Warm up your superpowers and let’s find out what is inside box number FOUR!

FIrst of all, I realize that a lot of you reading this can’t make it to SkepchickCON which makes me sad and so I am leaving the pass paid for by me as an option but also re-adding prize number 3 to the list of options for the winner. That way, you can still play and get something cool if you win even if you can’t get to our event.

Second, congrats to last week’s winner denature! Denature will be at SkepchickCON to collect the prize of a signed Skepchick T-Shirt and is therefor our most awesome psychic superstar so far!


Now, here is the updated prize option list:


Prize 1: I will personally pay for someone’s pass to get in to Convergence/SkepchickCon! You have to get there and find somewhere to stay but I will pay your admission to the event!

Prize 2: A drink created and named after the winner for the Skepchick party created specially for you by our resident Mad Art Lab cocktail specialist, Anne Sauer! Recipe will be provided! And we will toast to you at the Skepchick party at SkepchicCON with you if you can make it or in honor of you if you can’t.

Prize 3: A four pack of surprise Surly-Ramics given to you at SkepchickCON if you can attend, or mailed to you if you can not. You can tell me if you prefer nature or science themes.

Prize 4: A Skepchick shirt signed by all the Skepchicks who attend SkepchickCON 2012. If you can attend we will give it to you there, if not we will mail it to you after the event.


Once again, here are the rules of play:

Each commenter is allowed a total of TWO guesses per secret box post per week.

I will post one box a week for four weeks.

That means YOU can guess two times per post per week. Guess more than that and even if you are spot on your guess will not count.

The first person to guess the contents of a box in the comment section gets to pick from the prize list above.

Once a prize is picked, it will be marked off the list. So winners can’t pick the same prize twice. (But I have added back a prize BECAUSE I AM ALL POWERFUL!)

If no one guesses exactly what is in a particular box I will show the item to Rebecca and then together we will decide which guess is closest to the actual contents and give a prize to that commenter.

Winners will be announced in the comment sections of each post and in any follow-up posts.

I will give one hint each week.

I have sent a photo of what is in each box to an official, classified Skepchick for verification purposes. Then, I sealed the boxes. They will not be opened again until the contest is over.

The boxes have been sealed.


This week’s hint: Ok look, honestly… I have spring fever. I would really like to sit around a leave hints and guess all day but I’d rather migrate my ass to the beach right about now. Why am I sitting inside when it’s so beautiful out? Screw you guys, I will check back in later….



Now rip open the contents of the box... WITH YOUR MIND!


On your mark, get set… BE PSYCHIC!









Amy Roth

Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia, science-loving artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and is currently in love with pottery. Daily maker of art and leader of Mad Art Lab. Support her on Patreon. Tip Jar is here.

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  1. It should be a towel. If it isn’t, I’ll have to engage my secondary psychic circuits and delve beyond the Akashic records.

    1. Now I wish I had an angry duck, like as a friend or a sidekick. Surly Amy and Angry Duck just seem like a good team.

  2. I’m still getting only air… If you could put the box in a vacuum chamber I should be able to get a clear reading. I am forced to guess a pocket watch because it involves a spring and if you found one on the beach you would be forced to accept the existence of the Deep Sea Watchmaker Lobster (Homarus Tempus)… I’ll give you my real psychic answer once the box is in hard vacuum.

  3. Dammit, I want that convention pass! So I see a book or a pill bottle. And it’s splitsville for Delta Burke and Major Dad.

  4. You have not yet guessed correctly. The psychic masters are angry and said I should begin my migration to the central California coast. Pismo beach area sounds good to me.

    There are some great wineries there by the way.

    1. OMG YOU ARE THE FASTEST PSYCHIC ON RECORD!!!! Or I gave really easy hints this week, Either way CONGRATS we have a winner!!!!!!!

  5. Here is the contents of box number 4:

    It is a paper monarch butterfly I purchased as a souvenir when I went to see the monarch butterflies migrate to Pismo Beach. If you ever have a chance to do that, GO! It’s so amazing… thousands and thousands of monarch butterflies in a small grove of eucalyptus trees right on the beach. It’s breathtaking.

    NOW, frogmistress: PICK YOUR PRIZE!

  6. I would like the four pack of Surly Ramics, please. The science theme would be preferred (*cough*I have pierced ears *cough*)

    Thank you for doing this!

  7. Contests are fun! I still glow with pride that I won a “Totally Crotchin'” Surly!! I also participated in Bug Girls dirty limerick contest. There were so many very funny, very creative limericks submitted!

    I think most people are happy to win a contest, prize or not.

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