Skepchick Quickies, 5.30


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. I looked at the “If women don’t get more interested in tech, they’re going to get left behind” article. It was about what I’ve come to expect from Jezebel. As usual, it’s all the fault of teh Wimminz. No way that they might be facing sexism, glass ceilings, and environments hostile to women. (Reporting on _that_ might destroy their faux-feminism street-cred.)

    If they’d wanted to, they wouldn’t have had to look far to see examples of sexism and misogyny in tech groups. Stuff that seems intended to impress upon the Y-chromosome-deficient that there is no place for them there.

    I am fortunate to work in a company that has had a history of not tolerating sexism or similar unprofessional behavior, and I notice that in the programming groups, at least, the gender ratio is roughly 50-50.

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