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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The Catholic bishops story hits close to home for me.

    I am the one who wrote to Surly Amy about my daughter’s Girl Scout leader switching to The American Heritage Girls. As it turns out the scout leader was asking for an endorsement for her Girl Scout troop from her Catholic priest who asked for assurance that GSA was not involved with Planned Parenthood before he would endorse them. According to the leader she was looking into this on the internet when she came across AHG.

    On further reflection this doesn’t make sense. Even if her Google-fu was awful she would have found hundreds of places to prove that PP and GSA did not have a connection before she “came across” AHG. I suspect that the truth is that the father recommended AHG, a suspicion that is strengthened by the Rockford Diocese (the parish my small town would belong to) being one of the two endorsements on the AHG website.

    While the final decision as to whether my daughter will be a Girl Scout, an American Heritage Girl, a member of another organization or none at all next year has not been made, the fact that some people believe that a group like AHG needs to exist is proof of the ridiculous length that some will go to to infect future generations with backward superstitions.

    1. That sounds like the “oh, I just came across this pornography while browsing” defense.

  2. It pisses me off that the Catholic Bishops can launch such an inquiry into the Girl Scouts.

    If the catholics have issues with what they suspect the Girl Scouts are doing or who they bring in, tough shit for them.

    They can take a flying fuck to the moon and back.
    To those bishops, I say “Deal with it, assholes”.

    This part really hits me:

    -“For us, there’s an overarching sadness to it,” Tompkins added. “We’re just trying to further girls’ leadership.”

    To me, it seems the bishops want to hinder girls’ leadership. It’s a reflection of their own leadership.

    This shit needs to be fought against, big time.

    1. “To me, it seems the bishops want to hinder girls’ leadership.”

      I don’t think it “seems”…I think they’ve been pretty explicit about hindering girls and women.

  3. Unless the Girl Scouts is a Catholic group, in the way that Calvinettes (a girls group with similar activities as Girl Scouts) is a Calvin church group, then I don’t see why they should have any say in how the group is run. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to let their daughters join. Take your marbles and go home!

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