Do Something This Weekend

For once, there’s no need for the West Coast to envy the East Coast or vice versa.

This weekend marks not only CFI’s Women in Secularism conference, where our very own Rebecca and Surly Amy are sure to kick some ass, but the Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference (held at my alma mater — go Anteaters!), where I will be making my skeptical public speaking debut with a talk entitled “Push and Pull: The Role of Religion in Social Justice.”

Synopsis: Religion and religious institutions have played a complex, intimate, and sometimes contradictory role in shaping, promoting, and hindering various American social justice movements. The relationship between faith and the fight for rights, while more often fraught that not, is undeniable. Would the accomplishments achieved by social justice movements have been possible without religion, and is there a secular alternative?

If you live on neither of said coasts, the latter of the two conferences will be available for live streaming online. I will also be posting a write-up based on my speech on Monday.

Heina Dadabhoy

Heina Dadabhoy [hee-na dad-uh-boy] spent her childhood as a practicing Muslim who never in her right mind would have believed that she would grow up to be an atheist feminist secular humanist, or, in other words, a Skepchick. She has been an active participant in atheist organizations and events in and around Orange County, CA since 2007. She is currently writing A Skeptic's Guide to Islam. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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  1. Yeah, I’ll be keeping to myself and minding my own business this weekend. And not planning to get anywhere on time.
    Heina–where can we find a link to the second conference feed?

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