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  1. The list of future inventions omits the low-cost home heating that hundreds of bloggers and their fans expect to install by the end of next year, courtesy of Andrea Rossi and his "Energy Catalyzer," a Hydrogen/Nickel cold fusion device.  Presumably the "high technology" companies are more realistic in their expectations.

  2. I accept that males in America appreciate relationships and such more than they used to, I'd just like to know where any of those statistics were gathered. Were there citations somewhere that I missed?
    The reason I bring this up is that I've witnessed a difference in how males treat females based on where one lives or grew up. In the suburbs, I've noticed more appreciation for relationships and generally more domestic, less aggressive guys. More out in the country, there are few feminine guys and the rest seem overly masculine and more about sex than love.
    Just a trend I've noticed, I'm not stereotyping anybody.

  3. Re: Ovu-strippers – "did they all work together often enough to have their cycles sync up"? I thought that didn't actually happen and was just a availability bias thing? Also, the author (Bubbles, who you'll be surprised to learn is a dancer herself) uses her own statistics to discredit a study involving 18 participants?
    I agree that it's not conclusive, but 18 subjects over 3 months is some pretty good preliminary data, isn't it?

  4. Again with the smart refrigerators? I’ve personally been listening to nerds fail to think this idea through for a solid decade now. It’s the dot-com idea that just won’t die.
    Obligatory Tumblr

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