Skepchick Quickies 4.24

  • The girl's guide to calling out sexism without being attacked – "At the very least, women who call out sexism can expect to hear the B word, which makes me beg the question: Is it even possible to nip sexism in the bud without a little mud getting slung your way?"
  • Planned Parenthood worried it's the target of a new undercover sting – "Clinics in at least 11 states have reported two dozen or more "hoax visits" over the past several weeks, in which a woman walks into a clinic, claims to be pregnant and asks a particular pattern of provocative questions about sex-selective abortions, such as how soon she can find out the gender of the fetus, by what means and whether she can schedule an abortion if she's having a girl."
  • Cryptidillated – Hijinks Ensue describes a woo show I would totally watch. From Mark.
  • Rosalind Franklin, in her own words and letters – "Jenifer Glynn, Franklin’s sister, offers insight into her sibling’s personality in here book of Rosalind’s correspondence, My Sister Rosalind Franklin: A Family Memoir."


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. But if you're calling out sexism as a woman you're sexist yourself, because of HERPY DERPY DIPPITY DO, and males don't get the same rights, and TWEE DEE DEE DUH FUCKILY DUCKILY DURRRR!!!
    And I wouldn't doubt an undercover sting at all.  The "moral majority" sure is angry about losing their long reigning kingdom of privelege and they're out to tar and feather anyone who dares demand equal rights.

  2. "National Right to Life president Carol Tobias wrote in a recent opinion column. "Roughly half of those abortions are performed on unborn girls. That's the real war on women.""
    zOMG! Is this true? HALF of aborted fetuses are female? Who knew?

    1. That is hilarious.  It reminds me of that Simpsons episode when someone from Springfield was feeling proud because their team beats Shelbyville in some sport "nearly half the time".  It's really sad that she's imitating a cartoon character.

  3. It really annoys me that the writer of the sexism article keeps referring to the readers as girls… particularly when they describe why women shouldn't be called girls at the very end of the same article!!!

  4. I once again call on the creation of a new international nerd holiday on July 25 to celebrate Rosalind Franklin's birthday.  And not my birthday.  No.  That has nothing to do with it.  Just Rosalind.  That's all.  Nothing to see here.
    P.S.  Rosalind Franklin was one of my heroes long before I discovered we shared a birthday.  She did science right!

  5. The article is very right.  The solution to sex-selective abortion here AND abroad is social policy improving the social status of women and increasing access of women to education and economic endeavor.  But that's exactly the opposite of the antichoice goals.

    1. It doesn't help in the manner that the anti-choice groups distribute their B.S.
      For example, my aunt refers to Pro-choice as "pro-murder".
      And in the local media, it describes Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider, ignoring all the other services it provides (and how relatively few of those are abortions).
      How does one combat against such thinking?

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