Skepchick Quickies 4.13


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Love the busty girl stuff.  And couldn't agree more about the additional link.  I've been bustier than my peers since 4th grade (even when I was slender).  The abuse from others has always been absolutely revolting–especially when it is targeted at a child.

  2. The busty girl stuff makes me happy.  I particularly like the "Where, exactly?" response to "put those away!", as I tend to find form-fitting lower-necked clothing more comfortable (HATE having things up around my neck or baggy and getting in my way), and so seem to gather public comment.  I got 'em young like WhatPaleBlueDot, and I remember all sorts of accusatory talk about "a handful is enough" and how the perfect breast fits in some kind of glass that I would obviously overflow (or break) or other such stuff directed at me even in elementary school. Yes, because I grew them on purpose! 

  3. Busty Girl is my new favourite comic, thank you. I had http://bustygirlcomics.com/post/19629087407/practically-overnight happen to me when I was 11, my first bra was a 34B.
    But as a former bellydance teacher taught me, standing up straight doesn't send the wrong message. It's odd to think how much that still affects me. I guess I still feel vulnerable about it. I laughed at every one of these.
    Also, peacock spiders are awesome, can Bug Girl do a thing about them?

  4. Amanda
    They think vampires are mutilating their cattle?  Here in the U.S, ranchers would probably think aliens were doing it.  It just shows how beliefs in the paranormal differs from culture to culture.

  5. Alien Vampires?!?
    My late wife would have loved bustygirl comics.  She had no negative self issues that I ever observed.  And she really liked her girls, until they tried to kill her.

  6. My personal favorite was the busty girl comics because having very large breasts the humor is really relevant. I am also young, 21 but when I first turned legal (18 in Alberta, Canada) I couldn't believe the amount of people who asked to motorboat me. My body is mine! And how much my mother wants me to cover my breasts.

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