In Case You Missed It: March 25-March 31 on the Skepchick Network

Despite being at a conference this weekend, I still found the time to compile the best of the best from the Skepchick Network. YOU'RE WELCOME. Enjoy.

Teen Skepchick

What Does Media Mean to Me?
Nenfea explains the negative effects of the media's portrayal of womenn.

Science Sunday: Flying on an Airplane
Flippin' airplanes! How do they work? Ali Marie tells us.

I May Never Want Kids
It's OK to be a girl and not want children.

Mad Art Lab

The Little Universe, episode 1
Laurent shares the children's book she is writing, a little at a time.

Brand Disloyalty
Brian turns his betrayal of Converse into some smashing Lab shoes.

Skepchick SE

What Would Benny Do (på svenska)
A guest post by Per on Benny Rose's Qvist Eyes.


Where's My Jetpack? (en español)
Guest writer Juan Camilo says it's sad we didn't get the jetpacks and meals in pill form that we expected from the future, but we got pretty sweet stuff instead.

Two Crimes: Agnes and Daniel (en español)
Latin America has a long way to go when it comes to protecting people from hate crimes, as evidenced by the murder of a transgender activist in Mexico and the brutal attack on a gay man in Chile (he died a couple of weeks later from the injuries).

Campaign for Apostasy in Chile (en español)
Chilean atheist will take to the streets this Easter week to give people information on how to officially leave the Catholic church.


Sunday School: On Disclosure
How soon is too soon to reveal you're in a polyamorous relationship?

Revelations: On NOM's Racism and Sleazy Tactics
Finally! Official documents proving the National Organization for Marriage is terrible!

Coming Out: One Story of Many
Benny shares one of his coming out stories.

Featured image credit: Kitty Terwolbeck


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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