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  1. “Give it to your woman? It’s her Job?” Wow… just… wow… how is that even funny?

    1. It has the potential to be funny for the same reason that “Give it to your man. It’s his Job.” can be funny. It’s built into the current inequality of the perceived gender roles. Now, it would be really funny if there was gender equality as humor can rely on surprise and incongruity, but sadly, that’s not the current case. Instead, it just comes across to those that care about these things as another instance of stupid role model reinforcement. That said, there are probably two camps outside of that view. One thinks that a negative response to the “joke” is a sign of being a feminist shill. The other seems to be one wherein they understand the stereotyping but don’t see it as an issue and therefore, do laugh at the writing as a joke. I think this view misses the point that the “joke” can still be seen as a serious critique of what’s wrong with the “woman of today” by those that think that the more traditional patriarchal role for women is the proper role.

      sorry for being long winded – so many things are not that black and white, even when they are irritating. and you probably figured this out anyway … and i’ve overthinking things again.

  2. Jen,

    That Escapist video on nerd Sexism was really good. By the way, speaking of nerd sexism, this is hilarious. Warning through, its definitely not for children.

    CollegeHumor Originals: XBox Girls Get Revenge

  3. Bob Chipman has done some other good videos on this subject. In addition to the one above I also liked this one discussing how women are depicted in games.

  4. My father wouldn’t let me join the Boy Scouts because he didn’t want me hanging around “those brown-shirted little fascists”. My sister was allowed to join the brownies / Girl Scouts.

    1. Then your father did you a good turn. I know that for a lot of kids, the Scouts perform a genuinely needed service; I just wish there was an alternative organization.

  5. Concerning the article, ‘8 current and former service members to sue military, alleging sexual assault and harassment’, I am critical of the statement that the DoD spokeswoman said. “Defense Department spokeswoman Cynthia Smith … the military has no tolerance for sexual assault. Under a policy announced in December, service members who report a sexual assault have the option of quickly transferring their unit or installation.”

    If the military has a zero tolerance, then why should women look to quickly transfer from their unit or installation? This means if a woman gets assaulted she should have the *option* to possibly move across country, family and belongings *quickly*? Why would she consider a move if there isn’t a rape culture? Sarcasm aside, it is an embarrassment and injustice how military members and its leaders treat their own sisters in arms.

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