Skepchick Quickies, 3.19


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  1. It's nice to see only a handful of people in the Dr. Nerdlove article defending the ragging ass, the few that do get resoundingly tromped upon as well they should. I also love the Movie Bob Big Picture episode where he talks about it. I especially like what he said about people claiming it's their 'last bastian against the PC world', and flat out says 'No one, anywhere should -ever- say this shit or have to deal with it. It's not about being 'polticially correct' it's about being a decent human being!'

    1. Yeah exactly.  I don't like being PC, but there's a difference between being cleverly non-PC and a sexist dickhead.  John Stewart refains from being PC and is clever for doing so, this guy is just toxic.
      Saying things like "haha, we should all gang-rape her" or something retarded like that just makes a guy look like an idiot that no one is particularly comfortable to be around.

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