Skepchick Quickies, 2.20


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  1. The conversation I just had with a friend after linking the sexism article…

    Friend: I commend him for actually finishing and publishing that article.

    Friend: When trying to encompass and organize mass stupidity, I usually tap out very quickly.

    Me: Yea. Particularly when you know that you’ll be setting yourself up for more stupidity

    Friend: Oh man, he’s going to be wading through painful comments and emails forever.

    Me: Yea. And they’ll likely be more hostile this time around

    Friend: Yep, more hostile and probably even stupider.

    Friend: Definitely longer. I’m willing to bet there will be much more copy/pasting and re-quoting.

  2. Try zooming back and forth on the scale of the Universe to make your head spin even more than the Cracked comments:

    Wow! In the lower 20%, there is NOTHING between the neutrino and strings/quantum foam/planck length! The other 80% of the logarithmic scale is jammed with stuff. (Though they should have included the distance to the chemist’s on the corner.)

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