Skepchick Quickies, 2.20


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  1. The conversation I just had with a friend after linking the sexism article…

    Friend: I commend him for actually finishing and publishing that article.

    Friend: When trying to encompass and organize mass stupidity, I usually tap out very quickly.

    Me: Yea. Particularly when you know that you’ll be setting yourself up for more stupidity

    Friend: Oh man, he’s going to be wading through painful comments and emails forever.

    Me: Yea. And they’ll likely be more hostile this time around

    Friend: Yep, more hostile and probably even stupider.

    Friend: Definitely longer. I’m willing to bet there will be much more copy/pasting and re-quoting.

  2. I don’t know maybe people are overreacting about the direction comics are… wait! not Amanda Waller! Nooooooooo! Darn You DC Reboot!!!

  3. Skepchick Quickies Drinking Game: If you’re dumb enough to read the comments on an article about sexism, finish the bottle and sob in the corner for humanity.

  4. Try zooming back and forth on the scale of the Universe to make your head spin even more than the Cracked comments:

    Wow! In the lower 20%, there is NOTHING between the neutrino and strings/quantum foam/planck length! The other 80% of the logarithmic scale is jammed with stuff. (Though they should have included the distance to the chemist’s on the corner.)

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