In Case You Missed It: February 5 – February 11 on the Skepchick Network

Want an excuse to ignore work/school? Of course you do. You’re on the Internet. Why not check out how hard these spectacular skeptics rocked it last week? More enlightening than kitteh pics, but just as entertaining!

Teen Skepchick

Science Sunday: Brainbows, part 2
Vy explains the “brainbow” imaging technique.

Green with Skepticism: Top 3 Uncritical Pet Peeves
Katie addresses three misconceptions in the environmental movement.

Teen Skepchick Interviews, Old Timey Edition: Maria Mitchell
Melanie conducts an “interview” with the first female professional astronomer in the United State.

Mad Art Lab

Dorthea Tanning and the Women in the Shadows
Amy remembers the late Dorthea Tanning and other forgotten female artists.

The Softer Side of Burgess Shale
Cloe highlights the cuddly work of Paleogirl.

Amuse-Bouche: Aphrodisiacs + Valentine’s Day
Anne S gives you some ideas for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Skepchick SE

Mistaking the Old Fault (på svenska)
Felicia never questioned that the best violin is a Stradivarius. Until now.

Book Review: Lydia Cacho – Slaves of Power (på svenska)
Amygdala reviews Cacho’s book on modern slavery.

Commercial Anti-feminism (på svenska)
Pop music perpetuates horrible, gendered insults.


Are Beauty Products a Scam? (en español)
Is there a real need for all those products or is it just marketing?

Pony Tails and Donkey Ears (en español)
The truth behind the claim that using shampoo for horses is good for your hair.

Homeopathy? No, Thank You. (en español)
If you still think homeopathy is “some kind of herbal medicine”, then this guide is for you.


Sunday School: On Trusting One’s Instincts
Rachel answers a question about the (lack of) oppressive implications of sexual attraction.

The Genderbread Person: A Critique
Will explains that, while the Genderbread Person is a good start, it falls short of explaining the many facets of human sexuality, sex, and gender.

Two Salesmen
You know that feeling you get when pyramid schemers are trying to take you in? Yeah, Yessenia knows about that.

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Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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