Skepchick Quickies, 1.25


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  1. The term suffrage refers to voting rights, yet the article says nothing about their politics (is it even a democracy?)

    1. Also, they conflate ‘Matrilineal’ and ‘Matriarchy’. A matrilineal society can still be a patriarchy.

  2. Re: bigfoot.
    Only people that are completely ignorant of anesthesiology throw around the idea of using tranquilizer guns. Most anesthetic agents have a very narrow safety margin. So if yyou hit your target (in a muscle, not a blood vessel or the eye or something) and if you estimated the dose of anesthesia correctly, it would still take anywhere from 5 to 30 min to take effect. So you would have to find your bigfoot in the dark, in the woods, after he ran several miles. We use tranq guns in confined animals Assuming he didn’t get far, you could easily kill him with the drugs. Here’s to hoping it’s not a guy in a bear suit!

    1. I was going to mention that several of the drugs used to tranqualize animals are incredibly fatal to people, and would be a disaster if it was a guy in a gorilla suit. But now I wonder if those drugs would be just as dangerous to other hominids, and thus wouldn’t be used anyway.

  3. …should you shoot *him*?

    And why would any bigfoot spotted be necessarily male? A mythical beast has just as much chance to be female as male. You chicks are usually much better at not auto-masculating pronouns

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