Queen vs Satan

I don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but it is amazing. I found it via Amanda Marcotte, and now I feel like I owe her, big time.

This is a song from DJ Lobsterdust, who says that the voice is that of Pastor Gary Greenwald, a fundie who preached about the dangers of satanic subliminal programming found when you play rock music backwards. You have to give Satan credit: it is fun to smoke marijuana and this is a very catchy song:

I’m not sure if this is him, but it looks like maybe Pastor Gary is still at it and looking marvelous. Also according to his bio, he can magically heal your “female problems” with his faith. Sweet.

Featured image artwork is the cover to DJ Lobsterdust’s song, which you can download for free!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Oh my god! I heard this guy way back in the ’80’s, when I was a kid. My aunt gave a tape of this sermon to my mom, and our whole family sat and listened to it. This was when backwards masking got big press. To be truthful, it scared the shit out of me. The notion that demons lurk in the corners of everyday life. I swallowed it whole. I think that is why I read sites like this – to teach myself not to be so gullible!

  2. I played my Queen records backwards in the 80’s, and all I heard was, “Don’t you think I look good in this hat?”

    Spooky. ;)

  3. Satan’s Antichrist System: If you aren’t 100% evil in just 30 days, we’ll give you your money back!

  4. I had a tape very similar to this (if not the same one). The Beatles “Number Nine” would say “Turn me on, dead man” or something to that effect when played backwards, too.

    There was also a part where the pastor held up (well, I _imagined_ he held it up) some album titled ‘999’, turn it upside down, and ~gasp~ all of a sudden it was 666!!1! Those are the only highlights I remember off-hand.

    I used to take Another One Bites the Dust and play it backwards for my friends in high school. It was like a party game.

  5. Oh, no, this can’t be still going on?!!!!
    Will this ever stop?
    I can remember Dutch media reporting on this crap in the early 80’s: “Listen what kind of bullshit those American reli-freaks have come up now.”
    And we all laughed our asses off.
    I always thought nobody could/would take this seriously, but a (former) friend of mine went pentecostal – I’m sorry to say a ukelele and a woman were at the root of that, oh those evil harlots of jc – and destroyed all his rock and metal records, even Thin Lizzy!!!
    Some shit about satan being beheaded by the crucifiction of jc, but his long tail was still swooping around to knock people of their feet.

    It seems there is no end to the madness that is religion, or the root of all evil as my brother calls it.

  6. Hey that does sound like fun! I must try that some time. Thanks ,evil rock’n’rollers, Queen.

  7. I saw this when Amanda posted it yesterday. The thing that still surprises me is that the pastor was super upset about “the devil” telling kids to smoke marijuana but not about the obvious homosexual agenda push that was Freddy Mercury’s shortie shorts.

  8. In the 90s a friend of mine had mad skills with tape-to-tape editing. He would tape this loony middle-of-the-night awful radio evangelist and cut it together to make him say things like “I love gay sex, I want gay sex on every corner, I worship Satan, I love Satan” it was HILARIOUS, I used to make mixed tapes and I’d splice little clips in between songs (it worked with all the goth stuff I was listening to)
    We also found an old tape recorder that was broken so that the wheels didn’t turn at a regular rate. About five of us recorded ourselves saying “Satan” over each other and saying it in weird voices. That combined with the broken, irregular wheels gave it a really awesomely creepy effect. I think that if someone who was a “true believer” found that tape, they’d think it was something seriously weird. It’s so easy to freak people out.

  9. There is a song called Sweat Loaf by the Butthole Surfers in which the lead singer says Satan repeatedly. It goes like this:
    Yes, son.What does regret mean?
    Well son, the funny thing about regret is that it’s better to regretsomething you have done thanto Regret something that you haven’t done[From: ]
    And by the way, If you see your mom this weekend, will you be sure and tell her…SATAN SATAN SATAN!!!!

    1. That’s a great site because you can play the lyrics backwards, try to decide what’s being said and THEN click on “Show / Hide Reverse Lyrics”. Once you know what you’re supposed to hear, play the backwards lyrics again and the phrase jumps right out at you.

      Its a wonderful example of how we find “patterns” when we’ve been primed to expect them :)

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