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New Sister Site, Queereka!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you in on a bit of awesome news. Today marks the launch of a brand new sister-site within the Skepchick network. It’s called Queereka, and is dedicated to the intersection of skepticism and LGBTQ topics. We will promote the inclusion of LGBTQ issues and individuals within the skeptic community and movement, the skeptical discussion of LGBTQ topics, and also the ongoing fight against myths, misinformation, superstition, pseudoscience and woo that targets and undermines the LGBTQ community and the struggle for our rights.

If any of these subjects interest you at all, or if you’ve enjoyed my articles on trans and queer topics over the last several weeks, please come on over, add us to your bookmarks or blogroll or RSS feed, check out our articles, or just say hi or something. We’re going to have lots and lots of cool features and columns… coming out stories, queer health and medicine, a sex and sexuality column, posts debunking myths about queer identities, all the usual AIs and quickies, and plenty more.

You can also find us at Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Those pages need a little bit of fleshing out, I know, but we’ll get there. :)



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