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In Case You Missed It: January 1-January 7 on the Skepchick Network

Hello, and happy Monday! You’re looking especially kick-ass today. As you’re perusing these totally awesome highlights, don’t forget to stop by Queereka, the new Skepchick sister site devoted to tackling LGBTQ issues in the skeptic movement. They rock. HARD.

Teen Skepchick

ScienceSunday: What Makes a Dinosaur
Ali explains what separates dinosaurs from other big, scaly things.

Not Cool, Libra
What’s wrong with this tampon ad? Pretty much everything.

Modern Mythology: WiFi Worry?
Beccy asks, Will your WiFi kill you?

Mad Art Lab

AI: Parody vs. Satire
Which is the more effective means of exposing bunkum?

Happy Perihelion!
Steve D celebrates the day the Earth is closest to the sun.

The Future of Puppetry?
Maria takes a look at puppetry via Microsoft Kinect.

Skepchick SE

The Worst Kind of People? (på svenska)
Charmkvark provides a caricature of skeptic. Use it wall.

Sweden is a Secular Society. If There is No Crises. (på svenska)
Techincolor questions the role faith communities in Sweden play in crisis response.

AI: Promises (på svenska)
How did you ring in the new year?


A Thin Line Between Protest and Censorship (en español)
An internet petition to get booksellers to stop selling a homophobic book has started an interesting debate about censorship.

Humor and Gender (en español)
Is it possible to tell if a joke was written by a man or a woman? Ángela looks at recent studies on the subject of humor.

Looking for a Job? (en español)
Stephen Hawking is looking for a new Technical Assistant to help with his communication system. Sounds like a great job.


13 Myths and Misconceptions About Trans Women: Part 2
Natalie debunks everything you even thought about the transgender community.

Coming Out Stories: A Couple of Closets
Kendra shares her experiences of coming out as bi and a skeptic.

Unimportant Us
Aretha explains why “bigger” issues doesn’t invalidate the fight for queer equality.

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Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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