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Skepchick Sweden Looking for Writers!

Are you passionate about science, skepticism, feminism and other Skepchickisms to the point of wanting to tell the world about it at least every other week? Do you know Swedish (or some similar enough language — here’s lookin’ at you, Norway/Denmark)? Then Skepchick Sweden is looking for YOU!

Check out our “help wanted”-post at and send in your application today. If you’re not Swedish or don’t have the time or hate science and skepticism, please forward the link to everyone you know who fits the description. If you don’t know anyone who fits the description, forward the link to everyone you know, because maybe they know someone who does.

Spread the word!

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      1. Damn, “love and light” really doesn’t work in english does it? Man, the international movement is missing out!

        As for why forward the link, because LOOK A UFO that’s why!

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