Skepchick Quickies 12.15


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I think the punk rock oppression article and the abortion rights article are two very good examples of how religious fundamentalists REALLY treat personal freedom.

    “Fail to follow (our interpretation of) god’s word or we will MAKE you follow it”

  2. I hate how that woman’s life, in the abortion article, is put on display. UGG! I mean from what I read, this woman probably has serious issues and now she is the center of this controversy. UGG, that fetus that sat outside, while she didn’t know what to do with it…The stark fact that she didn’t feel she could get help from her community when she needed it; it’s so sad.

    1. The sad thing is that the groups that should be defending her won’t because of the image of the “baby on the back porch” when they really need to take that image and pin it on the anti-choicers. Without comprehensive education and open hostility towards anyone looking for some is it really a surprise that she didn’t know what to do? More likely this will make other women in that community MORE LIKELY to hide accidents like this because look what happened when she tried to do the right thing and sought help.

      1. The situation seems born out of desperation. I can’t imagine buying pills over the internet and then taking my health into my own hands in ending a pregnancy. I think the way things played out was one of the best case scenarios for her. The abortion was successful without taking her life. In my opinion, she had many lapses in judgment. With that said, it is so easy for someone like her to be ridiculed and persecuted for her decisions. From what I have read it appears that her community is ostracizing her. No one wants to look at the grim truth and I agree with you in that, they helped create this situation. They have rules and laws that made a person with limited means, and diminished situation, to act in an inappropriate way. (By inappropriate way, I mean the at home abortion.) I think the situation is bad. I agree that pro-choicers could use this situation as an example of the ugliness of desperate women taking their lives into their own hands. But I also think it is hard to use as an example because people have to look past so much see the root of the problem. Especially when so many anti-abortionists are hung up on their religious/moral beliefs. This situation may just not reach them.

  3. “For pro-life advocates, supporting her arrest would contradict a longstanding policy of targeting providers while holding women blameless.”

    That’s news to me. Since when do pro-lifers not also target the mothers? Even the commenters on this article are blaming the woman.

  4. Jennie McCormack’s case is terrifying and heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what confusion, horror, terror or any other emotional depths she’s experienced in all of this (not the least of which because I’m a man), and then to have the legal and public attention on top of it? My heart goes out to her. I hope that she has/finds friends to support her in all of this.

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