In Case You Missed It: December 11-December 17 on the Skepchick Network

Hello, and Merry Monday! How was your weekend? Fabulous, I hope. You know what else is fabulous? These highlights from the Skepchick Network!

Mad Art Lab

Artless and Broken: My Brother and OWS
Smashely recounts her brother’s harrowing experience at an OWS protest.

Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits
A critique of lady armor from a professional armorer.

Upcoming Movie and BNAT2011 Rundown
Chebutykin reviews the films featured at The Butt-Numb-a-Thon film festival.

Teen Skepchick

Rape Culture on Campus
Nenfea discusses subtle sexual harassment on college campuses.

Modern Mythology: Bohring and Outdated
Lauren explains what an atom actually looks like.

Teen Skepchick Interviews: Diana Williams, Part 2
Part 2 of Melanie’s interview with Dr. Diana Williams.

Skepchick SE

Respect (på svenska)
Technicolor explains what it means to be respectful when discussing religion.

Doctor Honey, Probiotics and Sell-Outs (på svenska)
Felicia examines the claims of Doctor Honey and honey-based food supplements.

The Inquisition: Hitchslaps (på svenska)
What is your favorite Christopher Hitchens quote?


Escéptica Guide to Holiday Shopping (en español)
Cool gift ideas for the holiday season.

Why Do We Like Christmas? (en español)
Forget the religious part and enjoy the holiday.

Bioenergy and Quantum Healing (en español)
A reader asks Escéptica for help to understand what bioenengy and quantum healing are and whether or not they work.

Featured image credit: Lithfin


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