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Happy Birthday, Tree Lobsters!

Sometimes, when you get a bunch of smart, funny and creative people together, good things just happen. Three years ago this past weekend, my favorite such happening in the bunch of smart, funny and creative people who make up the Skepchick community took place. That would be when Tree Lobsters was born.

It’s a bit of a strange story. Amanda posted a link to Bug Girl’s post on real tree lobsters, which are, well, bugs. But, you know, tree lobsters! That’s an awesome name. And simply too good not to use for greater purposes. Which is where our friend and hero (and now sister site Mad Art Lab blogger) Steve stepped up to the plate and started a comic about the adventures and philosophical musings of a couple of lobsters in a tree.

Tree Lobsters comic

Three years later, what started as a joke in a comment thread is one of the funniest skeptical comics on the internet. I can honestly say I’ve been reading from the very beginning and I’m consistently delighted and impressed by how great of a comic it is. If you’re not hip to it yet, consider this your invitation to check it out. If you’ve devoured every episode thus far, it’s still the perfect opportunity to reread.

So, thanks, Steve! You’ve made the skeptic community significantly funnier and more absurd. And with more crustaceans. In trees. I think, no matter what our differences, we can all agree this is a worthy goal.


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  1. Yep, I’ve been there from the beginning, too, and I am constantly awed by Steve’s wit and wisdom shining through in that comic. (And I still have my Tree Lobster pin personally signed by Steve at Dragon*Con)

  2. Sadly the tree lobsters do not show themselves when the page is visited.

    One can assume either the webpage is having difficulties, the version of Internet explorer being used is incompatible with something on the tree lobsters website OR much more likely, the tree lobsters have found this potential viewer UNWORTHY to gaze upon their awesomness.

    *pulls out ashes and sackcloth*

  3. @anonentity – Are you getting something like “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. Operation aborted”? I’ve seen that in IE7 on XP. Not sure what’s causing it.

  4. Congrats, Steve! And I have to say, I thought the strip was funny and all that, but meeting you on MAL has also taught me that you’re just Mr. Awesome all around. It’s truly a pleasure knowing you. :)

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