Skepchick Quickies, 11.9


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  1. Yea. I only wash my jeans like every third wear or so but I also don’t really do anything in them that gets them super dirty or smelly. When I do I try to wash them on the lowest water consuming cycle and air dry. Short of not buying it’s the easiest way to save water.

    I don’t know if I’m feeling rather cynical today or what but I’m not excited about the Greengard article as I should be. I mean its great that he made the award and is making this a cause but much of the media still seems to be about how awesome he, as a male Nobel winning scientist is for deigning to pay attention to us silly female things. (Like I said feeling really cynical).

    While more women as STEM graduate students is good but if you look to non-STEM fields women graduate students usually out number men. But when you get to those critical points, tenure, full professors, department heads and deans you see men surge ahead again. Its the same pipeline issue experienced at the lower levels. Graduate students are good but not very high on the power scale a big step forward would e at those last few levels of power in academia.

    1. I can’t air dry my jeans. They get all stiff! However, I really only wash them every 3 to 5 wears, depending on how dirty I get (which isn’t very). That’s how things are supposed to be with jeans! Besides, they are perfect at about the third wear — stretched perfectly to fit every curve!

      Other pants, like work slacks, I’ll wear twice. I just feel like washing pants after every wear is silly. Shirts are different, though, especially since I have a tendency to spill things on them a lot!

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