Skepchick Quickies 11.25


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Yay first topic being from research from my alma matter might have just made my day :P….

    if I hadn’t read the awful comments on gawker about the unwilling pinup. I think I’m going back to bed…. V.V

  2. Okay, so here’s the big fucking problem with the gawker article. THE ARTICLE ITSELF.

    It claims to be sympathetic to her about having her pictures leaked, but starts out the article with a FUCKING COLLAGE OF THEM! The author, Adrian Chen literally says the pictures “border on child pornography”. But then he plasters like 25 of the near-child-pornography pictures right on the front page of the article. Anyone want to explain to me how managed to find those pictures and put them together? Seems like it took a lot of searching…

    Also, anyone see what’s really happening in that article. The author is writing a juicy gossip piece with the hook “hot teen pinup” under the veil of supposed sympathy for her. If he was really sympathetic then why the hell did he search for and post the pictures she wants to keep to herself?

    And that’s what is so wrong with our media today. They take juicy stories of people’s misfortune and exploitation and they make a circus out of it at the expense of the victim. He didn’t write it to help her, he wrote it to drive traffic to the site and offered the pictures as a hook. How fucking shameful and SEXIST. Fuck you Adrien Chen.

    Since we the people have access to the internet, we need to be rebuking our media when they make such horribly dishonest gossip for the sake of driving traffic. Big media is big business, and we need to start calling out the terrible dishonesty in it.

    1. I was pretty squicked by the giant collage of pictures too(and triggered as fuck by the whole thing as well). The Gawker piece was absolutely disgusting.

      1. The amount dishonesty in the media today, especially when it’s directly exploitative like this kinda prompts me to start a blog directly dedicated to roasting journalists on their dishonest posts.

        With this guy, I think I’d point out
        1. Adrian Chen/Gawker exploited her situation to drive traffic.
        2. How did Adrian Chen obtain all of those pictures, and did he make the collage himself?

        Adrian if you read this, how did you obtain those pictures, please tell us. And WHY did you post them?

    2. I remember reading through that thread when it was first published and iirc there had actually been a couple pics of her topless in the collage. People complained and the topless pics were taken out. Just an FYI in case you weren’t already disgusted enough.

  3. Sadly, I feel honour-bound to confess it was Daniela who found the baby pony, not me. I did spend all yesterday playing with General Zoi’s My Little Pony creator, though.

    1. I stumbled across the pony creator last week and I love playing with it! I’ve made more ponies than a woman in her 30’s should admit to :P

  4. Just fired off my nastygram to Edmund. In their defense, they do have pages for several subsets of their science kit collection. I just wish they hadn’t succumbed to the “boys are gross and girls are frilly” idea.

  5. Jezebel also covered that cleavage study: http://jezebel.com/5862170/science-confirms-bitches-are-jealous

    – but they didn’t mention in their piece that part of the study was testing who women would least trust alone with their boyfriends. The categories were:

    1) modestly dressed woman
    2) sexily dressed fat woman
    3) sexily dressed thin woman

    There was apparently no need to worry about modestly dressed fat women.

    Here’s the study scroll down about 1/4 thru to see the pics: http://www.box.com/s/rdthllpbpfuk0g2lqtdt

  6. As to the science kits, I’d be more curious how many parents go straight to the “appropriate” category, without even checking what the “inappropriate” category has to offer?

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