Skepchick Quickies, 11.24

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Here’s something to read while trying to ignore your aunt who wants to tell you all about [insert conspiracy/woo/political theory here].


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  1. Damn it. I’ve written a scientific paper with a question as the title, for which “Probably not” was the conclusion, but I didn’t think to make that my abstract.

  2. OK, maybe this is the Turkey talking but could somebody wage a counter-conspiracy theory along the lines of “Of course the CIA used a vaccination program as a cover. They plainly had a secondary goal of discrediting vaccination. They know that vaccination saves the lives of too many Muslim children. Any mullah that falls for that is probably a dupe…or a CIA agent.” Then the person saying this kind of squints at the other person as if trying to determine if they might not be a CIA agent.

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