Skepchick Quickies, 11.21


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  1. Those plastic coffin … liners, are probably for veterans and other military personnel. That’s the first thing I thought of before I even read the entire article, and it’s really the only thing that makes sense.

  2. Two summers ago, I had an aunt tell be that the CDC was stock piling coffins because Obama was going to start sending conservatives to concentration camps. She wasn’t joking. She told me that she read it on the internet, and that the camps were ready to go. When I told her that Bigfoot was on the internet too, she dismissed me saying that I would get a littler wise when I got older (I was 31 at the time).

    1. I’m glad you were able to respond. I get this from my husband’s family all the time. But can’t say anything because it would literally start a familial war and all our guns are in a different state from them.

      However, I would love to see Obama win again next election to see if their heads explode.

  3. Re: Ontario Physicians’ New Policy

    I actually think the new policy is not such a bad idea. I never use the word “quackery” when I talk to clients about alt med. I think it is dismissive and makes them feel stupid for asking. It is an unproductive conversation ender. I *want* them to ask me about alt med if they are considering it. I break down the specific claims that the product or procedure makes, then I tell them there have been no studies to support those claims. I show them the disclaimer on the supplement bottle that says, “This product is not intended to treat any disease…” I teach them about meaningless weasle claims like “immune support.” I talk about the dearth of research on drug interactions. Then I tell them about the evidence for my recommended course of treatment. I have a pretty good compliance rate. And my clients that are using alt med are at least honest with me about it so I can guide them to minimize harm.

  4. A minor irritation with the t-shirt is that it still contains the possibilty that she can’t do the math, or doesn’t like to.

    Alternative suggestions:
    Sure I’ll do your math – for $50 bucks an hour.

    Math answers – $1
    Correct math answers – $100

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